Say “cheese,” small fry.

A couple of years ago when I first started working for James and Chad, I was riding up the elevator with a man who said, “So you a mortgage broker?”

“No, I’m just the assistant,” I said with a smile.

And the guys said, “Well, gotta start somewhere!”


Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Christina.  I’m the assistant.  I don’t totally understand the mortgage industry, but my bosses do.

But this is my blog…

Project for week:  Team photo shoot

My assignment last week was to organize our team Happy New Year card.  It started out as a holiday card, but when I kept slipping up and calling it the “Christmas card” – whoops! – in our team meetings, someone finally suggested we do a nice Happy New Year card.  Good save!

One of the other nice ladies on our team wrangled us all in and took charge of what we should wear.  “Ladies – black cocktail or business dress”  Uh ohhh.  Thing is, I have a black cocktail dress, but it’s borderline skanky.  Am I allowed to say skanky on this blog?

To remedy my situation, I lied.  I e-mailed James, outright lied and said I didn’t have one.    The poor guy!  He felt so bad and called within minutes assuring me that whatever I wore would be fine.  So, after we hung up, I made a quick stop to the J Crew Clearance section and I found a fancy shirt that would work in a pinch if they stuck me in the back of the photo.  Did I mention I’m five feet tall?  “You!  The short one in pants – front and center!”

I sent my mom the link.  Her reaction [insert Georgia accent here], “Why are you wearin’ pants?”

Next assignment:  Label and stamp 1000 Happy New Year cards.  Did I mention mail merges and printing labels are my arch nemeses?

12 thoughts on “Say “cheese,” small fry.

  1. At least you are wearing black. The guy next you appears to be wearing navy. Party foul. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. I love your outfit! The girls should have all worn pants! Great pic! You you are very funny I agree with your husband! Miss you…we need to get together after the busy holidays!

  3. Daughter in law Joan and I decided you are the kewlist blogger that ever wrote and you look even kewler than that 🙂

  4. To my smart, talented, and beautiful sister-in-law, I think you look gorgeous in your pants. Love your blog and can’t wait to read more.

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