Shades of Chad


We all finally convinced Chad to get a new business photo.  His last one was taken on the coldest recorded day in Houston history, outside, in the snow, wearing a red tie.  Rumor has it he dropped dead moments after this shot was taken…


The phones have been ringing off the hook since he got this new one though.  It’s always preferable to work with the living.


Now I just have to sort through all these flowers and cards everyone is sending congratulating him on coming back to life.

Speaking of pictures, all those Happy New Year cards arrived.  Currently my job is stuffing the envelopes.  I am waiting on the bosses to send me the final list of who to send these bad boys to.  But here is the fun part.  If I don’t get that list by the end of today, I get to pull out the one weapon assistants all over the land keep in their bag.  You know what I’m talkin’ about people…the nastygram.

Sure, I’ll get your coffee, I’ll search through this database of one million people and sort it just to your liking, I’ll make this flowchart everyone will ignore, but one wrong move Mr. and you’re gonna get it. 

Now I know most of you know what a nastygram is, but I also sent my blog link to some elderly people who haven’t a clue.  The short definition:  an unpleasant email.  The long definition:  the only form of power pink collar workers in America possess.  To be used frequently, unabashedly.  The e-mail that says, “Yes, I realize most people in this company don’t even know my name, but you better do what I say if you want your Happy New Year cards out on time.”  Woooo ha ha ha!

Yeah…but they might actually send me the list on time.  So back to stuffing.

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  1. looking at this photo cracks me up. he looks so cold. i didn’t think houston got that cold. too funny christina 🙂

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