Extra Extra!

I have extra Happy New Year cards.  If I don’t see another Happy New Year card for the rest of my life I think I’ll be just fine.  So here’s what’s up.  If you would like a snazzy card (the one where I’m wearing pants and all the other gals are in dresses and they’re all blonde and I’m not), please write your address on an index card and attach it to an Anthropologie dress.

No wait, scratch that.

Write your first name on one index card and attach that to the dress.  This dress, preferably.

Now, write your last name on another card and attach that to these cute tights.

Write the first number of your address on another card and stick it to a nice bag.  Like, oh, say…this one!

Do you think I might get chilly since the dress is sleeveless?  Please put the next number of your addy on

“But Christina!” you say, “What about those cute little ears of yours?”  Oh you! Okay, next number goes on

Oh what the heck. Listen, just e-mail me your address and I’ll send you the stupid card.  But here’s the rest of the stuff I want…

I told my bosses that I would write about the mortgage industry on this site.  Here:

mortgage, mortgage, mortgage, mortgagemortgagemortgagemortgagemortgage…please get a home loan. My bosses are fab.  Home loans are da bomb.  mortgagemortgagemortgage…

4 thoughts on “Extra Extra!

  1. Ha! I love it! This definitely makes me want to get a home loan! And I would also love to buy out Anthropologie while I’m at it… 🙂 I hope you get at least something pictured above! Merry Christmas!

  2. Next time I come over I hope to see you sitting in that chair, wearing that outfit, admiring yourself in that mirror. U r funny.

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