My Gift to the Bosses

They don’t deserve this.  Neither one of the bosses deserve this one little bit because I tried to help them and they just wouldn’t listen.

But here I go saving the day once again, just like that time…well, I’m pretty sure there was probably some other time when I saved the day.

So here’s the thing.  A few months ago, our company highlighted my boss Chad as a fabulous mortgage banker.  His picture was on the front page of the website and everything

[Note:  when I talk about my bosses, I’m talking about the two guys who run our branch of Envoy Mortgage.  They aren’t actually the owners of the whole company.  Like, say, if you worked at Anthropologie, your boss would be the manager of that store, but wouldn’t necessarily be the owner of Anthro – but that would be so cool wouldn’t it because you could be all, “Hey Ms. Anthro, what do you think about this outfit?”)]

Anywho, the big guys decided Chad was right on, put his picture up on the website instead of the other 600 mortgage bankers in the company, and wrote wonderful things about him.  Now wasn’t that a great opportunity to spread some good buzz about us?  That’s what I thought, too!  So I write up a little e-mail that I think should go out to the world, saying super nice things in a super normal way.  Something along the lines of me being proud of my boss and you should check out his write-up on the website.

But noooooooo.   James (other boss) just couldn’t stand the thought of his clients and referral partners actually getting an e-mail worded in any other format that super boring and formal and long.  And here’s the next thing.  He spent so much time on his boring e-mail that Chad was booted from his position as highlight mortgage banker!  Oh yes he was!  Not that he wasn’t fab anymore; it was just someone else’s turn (someone slightly less cool because Chad was the first one they ever did.  Just sayin’.)

Don’t you remember in elementary school when they had student of the month?  And it didn’t last forever did it?  No, it lasted a month.  You had exactly one month to bask in the glory of being the star student and having your picture on the bulletin board.

So like I said, they don’t deserve this one bit.  But here it goes.

Chad Helmcamp was the first star student Envoy Mortgage ever mentioned.  He’s the kindest person in this business and he always answers his phone.  He knows all the ins and outs of loans, and borrowers benefit from all his knowledge.  And most of the time he doesn’t wear pleated pants.  Here’s to you, Boss…

By the way, James is still busy on that e-mail…

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  1. Christina – where did you get these pictures? I have no idea where you got this angle. Seriously, were you on stilts?

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