The Others

I’m not the only one that works for the Bosses.  There are Others.  And one in particular is being a bit dodgy with me concerning my request for an interview.  She claims there are lots of loans she needs to work on to close by December 31st.


So until I pin down said Other, I would like to state the few facts that I know about her.

  • She has the title “Processor,” though lately I saw she changed her e-mail signature to “Processing Manager.”  Did I mention the bosses let us put whatever we want in our signatures?  I’m serious – if I said, “Hey James, can I make my e-mail signature say CEO?”  he’d be all, “Sure!  Thanks!”
  • She has the only window seat with a view.  Chad has a window that looks at a brick wall of the building next to us.   James’ office doesn’t even have a window (or a ventilation system at all as far as I know).  But this gal has a corner office with a view of a Japanese garden and Anthropologie.  Oh yes she does!
  • Her e-mails are all written in very large, and often purple, font.
  • I’ve seen her kiss my boss Chad on the mouth.  Not. Even. Kidding.
  • Somehow even though she has straight hair, she can make her hair bigger than mine.  I’ll definitely get to the bottom of that one.
  • I have no idea what she does.

She tells me she’ll do the interview next week.  I hope to report back to you all with the scoop concerning this mysterious lady with the corner office.

Until then, I’m busy catching up on super important assistant work since I’ve been gone for a week.  I know this will be hard for you to understand, just like it came as a shock the first time you saw your first grade teacher in the grocery store and it hit you that she doesn’t live at school.  But, well, here it goes…I went back to Georgia for Christmas.   And though I’m not the family assistant, I carry the same importance.  I can’t tell you how many aunts and cousins said, “Now you’re a teacher, right?”  Guess they haven’t read the blog…

But I’ll end on a happy note.  I got those cute tights for Christmas!  The ones I mentioned here.  (Thanks Mom!)