Virtual Christina

Somewhere along the way, James decided he likes the following people:


 more than he likes me:



I don’t know where I went wrong.  One day I’m making flow charts for the bosses, and the next day, James tells me he’s found some nice  folk in the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, and Canada to do that for us.  He basically said that I’m really witty, and… that’s about it.  Witty only gets you so far in the mortgage industry.

And you want to know how I found out about all this hoo hah?  Well, someone subscribed to my blog (just like you can, on the right, see?).  And I noticed the e-mail address was a little bit fishy.  I did a little sleuthing and found out it was from a virtual assistant company!  Oh yes I did!  So I e-mail the bosses just to give them a heads up that my competitors had gotten in the system and who knows what they’re up to – watch out!


James writes back and says, “Oh that’s just so-and-so.  So-and-so is going to be helping us out on some administrative assistant stuff.” 

Did I mention that I AM THE ASSISTANT?

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, James has me on a little side-project that falls into the category I’ve labeled:  Things James wants to try, but pretends they’re my idea in case they stink.

See, we came up with a mission statement.  It started a few months ago during our team meeting when James had me writing everyone’s ideas on a giant piece of paper.  He’d ask, “Why are we in this business?” and people would shout, “Because we LOVE our clients!  Because we CARE!” and then I’d write it down.  Then one guy actually had the nerve to use a sentence with the word fiduciary.  F-I-D-U-C-I-A-R-Y.  Did I mention there’s no spell check on a giant piece of paper you write on in front of a whole branch?  One of the other girls had to actually spell it for me.  Maybe that’s why James is hiring the Indians?

Anywho.  So we morphed it all into a mission statement.  And for tomorrow’s team meeting, James wants me passing out the statement, framed. 


Little does he know, I’m dropping all the framed missions in his office before the meeting and telling him to leave me out of this.  I don’t want people thinking of me when they don’t have room for their mouse pad due to the Olan Mills portrait of our mission statement on their desk.

I’ll leave you with our new mission.  I actually do like it.  Let’s hope the virtual assistants do too.

The Memorial Branch of Envoy Mortgage is a team of experts dedicated to preserving the dream of home ownership.  We excel at managing the loan process for our customers, through timely and consistent communication, and an unrelenting desire to provide seamless transactions.  Guided by a long-term perspective, we enthusiastically serve everyone as if they were our only client.  Our team is readily accessible, quick to respond, and always ethical.  We adapt, grow and educate ourselves as the market changes, making certain that we are providing pertinent and timely information.  Our professional approach ensures that our customers consistently have a positive and memorable experience.

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  1. No worries. The Indians can’t spell Fiduciary either. Pretty sure your job is safe! 🙂

    So, what ISN’T included on that pizza? Looks darn good!

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