It’s a First…

Something happened today at the office that has never happened in the history of me being just the assistant.  A businessman came to the office…

To see me.

Realtors dropping by to give my bosses jumbo calendars?  Every week at least.  Clients popping in to deliver flowers to the rest of the team for handling a loan so well?  Happens all the time.  Important people in ties showing other people important papers?  Every day.

But I’ve never had a visitor.

Today was my day.

So here’s the thing.  It was my life insurance guy (hi Nathan!) and he happens to live next to our office and I had to sign some papers for him.  It was totally un-mortgage related, but I know a good opportunity when I see it.

“ExCUSE me people; I have a business visitor coming today.  He’s coming HERE, to the OFFICE.”

I told him to call me when he reached the building so I could meet him at the elevators and personally walk him to the desk they let me sit at on Tuesdays while some other guy is not there.

Open elevator doors.

“Oh HI NATHAN MY IMPORTANT BUSINESSMAN! Right this way to my very own desk.”  My boss Chad saw him first and met us both with a confused, twisted countenance…But, Christina doesn’t have visitors?  Oh but yes I do!  But, Christina doesn’t have her own desk?  Oh but!…well, actually I don’t.  I sit at a table that used to be in someone’s granny’s parlor.

I had to sign four papers and I made sure to make a big to-do about it.

“Excuse me people while I sign my VERY IMPORTANT PAPERS.  Pen, please.”

After he left I made sure to make another big to-do about being exhausted from all the business meeting what-not I’d just dealt with.  “Finally, a moment to get some work done aside from all the business people dropping by for me,” I grumbled, rubbing my temples and staring into the computer screen.

With that behind me it was time to think about side-project Mission Statement.  Here’s the thing.  James got a little hurt after my last post where I made fun of his framed-mission-statement-for-everybody’s-desk idea.  And he asked, “What do you think we should do instead?”  But here’s the thing.  I’m super good at telling people how bad their ideas are, but well…that doesn’t exactly mean I have a better idea.

So I’m opening up the floor, folks!  Tell me what you think we should do with our new fancy mission statement.  Temp tattoos?  Perm tattoos? Framed portraits?  Embroidered pillows?  Lend a girl a hand!  How should we make sure our team knows and lives by (or at least works by) our new mission statement?  Comment away!  And please feel free to PERSONALLY come by the office to tell me your idea, as well (please wear something that makes you look important and bring some papers we can pour over on the granny table).  I’ll meet you at the elevators.

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  1. Hmmm I beginning to get a little nervous about reading these post because I am actually beginning to like them. Is this a good thing or am I strange like Christina too. 🙂

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