I hope you’ve learned a lesson young lady, because I sure haven’t

Well, er…

They didn’t report me to the credit agencies.

2009 Scores: 743 734 766

Today’s Scores:  793 796 770

My plan was to reveal some really crappy scores today and we’d all have a good laugh about how I’m a financial disaster.  But now what am I suppose to do? I could buy my own spaceship with these scores they’re so good!

Here are some possibilities on why it didn’t get reported.  Boss Chad said that my servicing bank probably has its own in-house collection people.  As soon as they got in touch with me, I explained that it was a mistake, and I fixed it immediately.  While still on the phone with the person, I went onto the bank’s website and paid up on both past bills.

My own theory is that I was super nice with the bank people (I cannot say the same concerning collection man; I was horrid to him).  When I called the bank to find out what had went wrong with my account, I kept in mind that it was not the fault of the lady answering the call.  She, personally, did not jack up my account, and I treated her well.  Chad didn’t necessarily think this was why I didn’t get reported, but maybe it helped?

Chad also said, concerning mortgages, they just eventually start foreclosure proceedings instead of reporting you to collection agencies.  And it got me thinking, this is different from if you don’t pay your Nordstrom bill.  With a Nordstrom card, it’s not like they’re going to come to your house and rip those Jimmy Choos right off your feet.  But they still need their money from you.  Hence, reporting you to the credit agency makes sense in that case.

But your servicing bank actually could get a house back if you don’t pay your bills.  Obviously for me it didn’t happen after two missed payments, but I’m certainly never going to test the waters again!  And yes, I now have reactivated the automatic withdrawal feature, plus I double-check it each month.  And no, I don’t own any Jimmy Choos.

Here’s to not getting foreclosed upon!

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