Team Seeks Addition: Must Love Mortgages

Turns out the Bosses have some of their own ideas about who they plan to hire and why. 

Now Hiring

An Interview with James Beaver

Just the Assistant:  First thing’s first…are you trying to replace me?

Boss:  No.

JA:  Looks like you know what’s best for you then.  What’s the position, Boss?

Boss:  We are hiring loan officers.

JA:  What type of person are you looking for?  Short?  Tall?  Man?  Woman? 

Boss:  Shorter than me is preferable.  Men or women are fine.  We’re looking for someone who has experience in the mortgage lending industry as a loan officer.  Someone positive, motivated, established, works well in a team environment, interested in growing their book of business and willing to entrust our processing team with the logistics of getting the loan closed and through the system so that they can go out and acquire more business.

JA:  Alright Boss, fill me in on why someone would want to work for this company.

Boss:  One:  Envoy Mortgage is a company that is growing and thriving in a challenging environment.  The leadership of this company gives me great confidence at a time where there is a lot of insecurity.  They are in the forefront in use of technologies that make the loan process more efficient as well as providing loan officers the tools they need to grow their business.

[Note:  I’m already falling asleep…I don’t know why in the world he’s not mentioning that Envoy is like twenty years ahead of every other company when it come to technology.  Seriously – I worked at another company that actually used PAPER.  Excuse me, what century are we in?  I actually had to punch holes in closing documents and put them in folders.  I had to buy the hole puncher off e-bay from an antiques dealer because the rest of the world doesn’t punch holes because paper is so 1900s.

But not Envoy!  Envoy is hip!  Envoy is NOW!  Envoy won the Green Originator Award last year because we’re not living in 1997 like other mortgage banks, and all our stuff is super safe, super electronic, and super easy.  And I think they counted something like 7,000 chipmunks who owe their lives to us for not cutting down the forest.]

Boss (still talking):  Also, Envoy is in the upper echelon of mortgage banks when it comes to handling compliance and regulatory issues.  That matters because we’re in a time of significant change as it relates to regulations.

JA:  So are you saying Envoy isn’t a shady company located in someone’s basement?

Boss:  I’m saying they’re not just “not shady.”  Rather, they are doing significantly more due diligence than other companies.  They are aggressively pursuing compliance related to new regulations.  If you care about your career as a loan officer then you want to make sure you are working with a company who keeps you in good standing from a compliance perspective.

Plus, in the past three years, Envoy has gone from around 250 people to 1000 people. 

So, if you want to grow your business and thrive in this industry, you want to be somewhere that allows you to think long-term about your career and not worry about whether the company is doing the right thing.

JA:  Now fill me in on why someone should join our branch? 

Boss:  We have a unique setup internally which allows loan officers to focus on acquiring business while handing off the behind the scenes work.  We’re set up to accommodate a high volume of business.  We have excellent internal systems and have an excellent support team.

[Note:  I’d like to brag a bit on the people who work on our team.  Other than me, they all know a ton about the mortgage industry (and you don’t have to worry about me because I don’t work on the loans – I stuff envelopes, remember?). 

Our support team doesn’t consist of random people the Bosses hired off Craigslist.  These are smart chicks.  Rachelle, our processor (the one with Big Texas Hair), used to actually be a loan officer.  Hayley, our loan coordinator (I’ll fill you in on that position at a later time) has worked in this industry for several years and clients automatically fall in love with her on the phone because she’s just so sweet (she’s also so pretty that I wish I could hate her, but she’s so nice I can’t bring myself to have one negative thought about this gal).   And Shelley, who does processing with Rachelle, is an attorney!  A real live attorney!  Not even kidding!]   

JA:  Am I going to have to pour the new person’s coffee? 

Boss:  Not unless you want to.

JA:  So, what should someone do if they would like to check out our team?

Boss:  E-mail or call me. 

Just the Assistant:  Sounds great Boss!  Now go answer all those phone calls! 

If you’d like to chat with my fab Boss about working here, e-mail or call James Beaver at or 713.213.5205.  And if we hire you, and your family comes and visits one day, I’ll pour your coffee so they think you are big time.