Conversation Tips from the Assistant

I’m thinking of adding a counting mechanism of sorts on the side of the screen to display how many loans I have brought the Bosses thus far.  Unfortunately my count is still at zero, but if something crazy happens and I bring them a deal we could all celebrate together and blow horns when the counter moves up.  It’ll be like on The Social Network when all the Facebook guys went nuts when they reached one million subscribers.  Maybe the Bosses will throw me an office party?

Speaking of celebrating, the nametag distribution event went fab.  I directed people to the table of tags and sharpies like nobody’s business.  And I even conducted follow-up tests.

“Well, I see you got your nametag?”

“Yes.  It’s right here.”

“Alright then, well I best be off to make sure nobody else has had any issues.”

Below, two nice ladies proudly display my hard work:

After I exhausted that duty, it was time to pull out my big guns conversation tools.  My go-to line that always works in a conversation pinch is, “Oh I know – right?!”

This nugget worked perfectly at the event when someone jokingly asked me “Which deal do you think closed, the [insert unknown mortgage term here] loan or the [insert another unknown mortgage term here] loan?! Har Har!”

“Oh I know – right?!” I bantered.  Then we both slapped the table laughing.  Genius!

My big business lunch is on Monday and I totally plan to pull out the big guns again if needed.  Chad can even use my line in case I successfully steer the conversation toward my new shampoo (Curly Wurly by Lush – it’s amazing).

Okay, onto mortgage news.  Apparently some major changes will take place in our industry (“our industry” – ha!) next week.  The Boss James says that in twenty years we will all look back and talk about how 2011 was the year that everything changed in the mortgage business.  I don’t know what his plans are in twenty years, but mine certainly don’t involve pondering the history of home loans while I’m hiking the Rockies with my soul mate.  Whatever floats your boat I guess.

All I know is that next week the way  in which every loan officer in the country is paid changes.  I don’t think there are any new regulations coming into effect for Just the Assistants so I haven’t paid a terrible amount of attention to it all (even though James sat me down once and drew out a flowchart of how things will change – I’m not making that up).  Anywho, I’ll have to pull him in for an interview soon so he can give us the proper scoop.  Let’s hope he knows what’s going on, and if he answers any questions with “Oh I know – right?!” we will know we are all in big trouble.