The Business Trip

I’ve received thousands


three e-mails asking how my business lunch went.  It was fab!  I gabbed mainly about food and eye shadow the whole time, while Chad filled in the gaps with business talk.  He says I didn’t screw things up, and I’ve checked my pay stub and I am currently still on payroll, so I think it was a success!

This week’s projects have me working very closely with EMMA, the marketing tool that is trying to take over my job.  The Bosses think I am doing database scrubbing and importing, but really I am pouring orange juice on my keyboard in effort to shut EMMA down.

Oh kidding.

Listen up.  I’ve got some big news concerning next week.  First of all, the Bosses let me order my own business cards.  Please e-mail me your addy and I will mail you one.   But there is a reason I had to order the cards.  Ready?

I’m going on a business trip!

Kind of.

Here’s the thing.  An engineering company has asked me to go to an oil and gas conference.

Stop laughing immediately!

I’m not even kidding.  Seems that some engineers aren’t exactly overachievers at things like conversation and mingling.   But guess who is?  Me!  So next week I get to do my normal Just the Assistant work from a super fancy hotel along the river walk in San Antonio, and go to super fancy dinners at night and charm clients for this engineering firm!

I realize it sounds very woman of the night-ish.  But my husband happens to work for said engineering firm, and he’ll be right along beside me at the fancy dinners trying to shush me from talking about my hair and Glamour Magazine and “hey would you like a mortgage and here’s my card!”

Speaking of business trips, I asked Chad and Rachelle to send me awkward pictures from their Circle of Excellence trip to Florida (that trip my boss won because he’s the best mortgage banker in the country).  Turns out things went really normal though so all I have is this picture of Chad holding his award that he apparently had been pawing all over for the hour before the picture was taken due to all the finger prints.

Dear Important Men Standing Beside Chad,

I wouldn’t have smudged my award like this.  I realize I’ve brought you zero loans, but still.


Just the Assistant