You will meet a tall dark stranger

We might as well slap a neon crystal ball sign in our office window because it seems my boss is a fortune-teller!  Remember my interview with James last week when he commented that with these new regulations going into effect he thought there would be less competition in 36 months?  Well it’s true!  Every single other mortgage bank in the country went under except ours.

Okay that’s a stretch.  But, two days after our interview, the Boss James received a telling phone call.

Let me fill you in a bit on the inner workings of this place.  While a lot of our clients call the bosses requesting home loans based on recommendations from friends and family, a slew of other clients call because their realtor suggests it.

See, most realtors will not even show anyone a house before the person is pre-approved for a home loan.  So many people end up asking their realtor for a recommendation on whom to go to for that pre-approval.  And you know who those realtors recommend? 

You guessed it.  Just the Assistant. 

Actually if you guessed that you will need to guess again, because they recommend my bosses, and nobody even knows I work here. 

So here’s the thing.  This realtor called James a few days ago and said something along the lines of, “Hey James, the mortgage banker I’ve been recommending for ages just closed shop today.  And I remember you helped out one of my clients years ago and did great work.  Can I start sending people your way?” 

Boo-ya!  My hope is that the other mortgage banker closed shop because he or she won the lottery and fell in love and bought an island and will live happily ever after.  

In addition to the fortune-telling advantages of my last interview with the Boss, it also provided me some great conversation during my last fancy dinner at the oil and gas conference.  Wouldn’t you know but someone actually asked me what I thought about the new regulations?  And lo and behold, I had an answer. I’m telling you folks, I NEVER have answers.  A few weeks ago someone in my neighborhood saw me on a walk and asked me, “So how do you think this stuff in Japan is going to affect interest rates?”

“Er.  Mmm.  I’m just not sure right now, but don’t you think my dog is so cute?  And look at this neat poop bag dispenser I found at Costco.”

But not this time ladies and gentlemen.  I spit out word for word everything James had told me, and then all the people at the table nodded in agreement.  Whew!  Below, a picture of my success.

And can all we take a moment to note that I was having a really good hair day?

Now, I’m off to pick James’ brain about who is going to win Biggest Loser this season, whether or not the new Loreal Three-In-One Eyeshadow is a hoax and what stocks I should buy.

Lastly, my giveaway is going strong, and I still have moving stickers left.  Don’t be left out.  Because James glanced in his crystal ball, and if you ignore this offer of free cute moving stickers, your future is grim.

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