Their Biggest Fan

Just sorting through the mail…

April 11, 2011

From the Offices of David Allen, Inc. Ojai, CA 93023

Dear James Beaver,

Thank you so much for your most recent fan letter.  We at David Allen “Getting Things Done” Inc. are so thankful for your continued support!  When your weekly letter(s) arrive, the whole staff gathers round and basks in your praises.  And, yes James, we are certainly going to try to get your message(s) straight to Mr. Allen the next time he visits the corporate office.

As you know, Mr. Allen travels the country 42 weeks per year conducting his “Getting Things Done” seminars mapping out how everyone can benefit from flow charts (and thank you so much for buying every seat at our upcoming Austin show!!!!!).  Now, Mr. Beaver, while we are so thankful for your support, we must kindly ask that at the next seminar you respectfully refrain from prying the microphone out of Mr. Allen’s hands in order to tell him how much his system means to you.  We are all so proud that you have memorized the first four chapters of Mr. Allen’s book, but by all means, please conduct future recitals in your own home.  Also, your posters are quite charming, we agree!  In the future, please limit them to standard printer paper size as not to block others’ views.  For your own protection (at Mr. Allen’s request we might add) we have hired additional security who will ensure you thoroughly enjoy the program.

In response to your last list of questions (that you so cleverly assembled in a flow chart!), yes we certainly are proud that you require every new employee to read “Getting Things Done.”  And of course we are quite disappointed right along with you that your own assistant never finished the book and continues to mock you.  We can all be thankful THAT one isn’t trying to climb any corporate ladders!!!!

Also, we are currently searching our archives to see if we can find any “old posters promoting past shows” for you to “spiffy up the office and motivate staff” as you requested.  Thank you for the self-addressed stamped poster tube and we certainly hope to be able to put it to good use!!!

Keep up the great work there in Houston.  We’ve heard through the grapevine (and the criminal background check we conducted, just in case!) that you are the best branch manager of Envoy Mortgage and that your team is all very glad to have you as their fearless leader!  The Memorial Branch is “Getting Things Done!”  Ha!  (And please thank your team for their own letters they’ve sent us requesting we stop communicating with you because it “only encourages him.”)

We look forward to seeing you in Austin!


David Allen Support Staff and Security, Getting Things Done, Inc.