Help Me Schmooze My Boss

Remember my boss Chad’s workshop?  The one he taught on home financing?  Well, it was such a hit that they’re asking him to make it a regular thing.  My Boss – with a regular thing!  I’m so proud of him.  It’s like having a regular gig at a blues club, just slightly less cool and way more informative.

Some of you dear readers attended the class – thank you.  Anything to make the Bosses think I’m doing even remotely productive work is a step in the right direction for me.  For the rest of you, please consider attending next week’s class, because I can only milk my success from last month’s workshop for so long.  The Bosses are already growing a bit weary of my constant reminders.  “Here Boss, let me refill that coffee for you, and is this the coffee you served at the last Home Buying Workshop that I successfully advertised for you?  Hmm?”

In order to relieve myself the duty of reminding them for the next ten years of my essential role in this company, I’ve decided to help Chad out on his next class, hence, proving my worth.  It’s super handy that I have the Bosses’ credit card numbers memorized, because I’ve put some stuff on hold at Anthropologie, and as soon as I get the go-ahead from the big guys, I’m going to click “checkout” and make this the prettiest Home Buying Financing Workshop ever held in Texas.  Below, my plans…

Proper note taking will be essential, because trust me, the guy knows what he’s talking about.  Proper notes cannot be taken with a boring pen and paper –who would remember the information?  Therefore, I propose providing this combo…

[Just the Assistant note:  I received this very pencil for my last birthday, and it has changed my life.  If you would like to change my life further, please buy me the bird journal.]

I’m not sure what the seating situation is.  Probably normal chairs (lame).  I, for one, would be delighted sitting in one of these little beauties…

I wonder if it’ll be chilly?   I’ll pass these out at the door…

Lighting…hmm…I bet they plan on using light bulbs.  Don’t you think that’s a bit impersonal?  Candlelight is much cozier.

Since this is a home buyer workshop, I think giving a pre-house-warming gift will be just the touch we need to ensure our attendees join the buckets of other people who have become my Bosses’ clients for life.  I have selected two delightful decorating books from which (work)shoppers may choose…

 With these few changes, Chad’s classes will be an even bigger hit.  Even more popular than blues clubs, probably.  While I work on persuading him to allow me to buy all this stuff, you jot down the facts:

What:  Home Ownership and Financing Workshop (click here to view topics covered)

When:  Wednesday June 8th, 6:00PM – 7:00 PM (2nd Wednesday of each month)

Where:  Bunker Hill Community Center (located inside HEB)

Who:  My Boss, Chad Helmcamp

Cost:  This workshop is free

Sign up:  Email Chad’s assistant, me, at and tell me you bought me the bird journal.  See you Wednesday!