Anthro Shopping and Raccoon Love

I’m going to need you all to sit down for this.

Are you sitting?  (Does your chair have wheels?  You may want to disable them.)

Anthropologie is opening their first wedding dress store.


They’re putting the first store in Houston!  My brain is so full right now I may have a heart attack myself. I knew they were going to start carrying bride apparel, but I just assumed they’d start in New York.  But, Houston?  My beloved Houston?  How could it be?

First of all, thank you to my dear friend Emily for giving me the heads up. I explained the importance of your message to the Bosses and they agreed to provide you 0% interest home loans for life.  I know.  I couldn’t believe it (well, maybe you shouldn’t either).  Okay actually, the Bosses weren’t overjoyed when learning I planned to use their blog to write about bridal fashion, but they’ve yet to break my password into the blog, so I’m safe.

Listen up ladies.  Here is why all of this matters to you.  You live in Atlanta?  You’re single?  You’re married?  Either way, perfect.  It’s time to move to Houston.  Get married or renew your vows looking glamorous and chic, and my Bosses will take care of all those pesky home loan details, right here in Houston, where land is affordable, the winters are spring-like, and the food is amazing.  We even have those trendy farmers’ markets where you buy organic chickens and homemade goat milk soap from folks wearing straw hats and braids.

You live in Houston?  The Woodlands?  San Antonio?  You’re single?  You’re married?  Either way, perfect.  Please invite me along when you go wedding gown shopping.  I’m not tying this section into loans.  I just really want to go wedding dress shopping with someone if it’s at Anthro.  I promise I’ll won’t be a bother, and I’ll politely “woo!” for every single gown you come out of the dressing room wearing.  And if you give me a secret nod, I’ll yell, “That’s the one!” in front of your mother if she happens to be footing the bill.

And speaking of more news to “woo!” about, Envoy Mortgage just earned another green award!  I should know more of the details because they sent out a video about it, but alas, they haven’t allowed me to star in one of the videos, so I snobbishly only half listen to the non-me-as-the-star ones.  Still, I’m proud of them. No wait – I’m proud of me.  I think I played a rather large role in the company earning this award.  Check it:

The guys up at corporate found in this little snuggle-bug in woods.  It’s one of the very raccoons that owes its life to us using so little paper.  I mean, aren’t you (and the raccoon) glad I’m not typing out all this crap on paper and faxing it to you?

So, to tie all this together…uh, mmm…Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  Have a nice weekend!  (And enjoy dress shopping, Houston restaurant eating, and goat milk baths while your home loan is organically handled by my bosses and our new office mascot Randy the Raccoon.  Bam!)