Just the Snoop

It is official.  I am never going to be an executive assistant.  Because…  

I’m the Boss

You heard me right folks.  I have embarked on a free-lance writing career, and guess who my first clients assistants are?  You got it – The old Bosses.

No more stuffing envelopes for this girl.  Nope.  Because in an apparent total lapse of judgment, the Bosses/Assistants (I haven’t picked their new titles yet) decided to allow me to just hang out in the office, read Glamour Magazine, drink coffee (which they will pour for me) and write about them.  No joke!

Henceforth, I am Just the Snoop, Just the Reporter, Just the Boss.

First purchase?  Reporter Boss hat:

I’ll invoice them later…

The guys have promised me 100% access into their lives.  I can write about/film/record them under any circumstance.  It’s almost like the realty show I’ve always wanted, except now I’m the producer, and I’ll probably scream a lot…  “Give me passion!  Give me art!  Tell me WHY you love providing home loans!?  Work with me!”

Moving forward, you can expect improvements here at Just The Assistant.  First of all, I don’t have to worry about getting fired any longer, so I fully intend to refuse James and Chad censoring rites.  Secondly, now that I’m in charge, my fine cat Harold will be accompanying me to the office. 

He’s hung over now, but when he awakes I’ll spread the good news.

Okay, I won’t kid myself and believe anyone will be reading this over the long weekend of fireworks and lake trips (and if you are, you should get out more, unless you’re actually trying to get a home loan…in that case, apply on the right), so join me next week where I’ll start this new role fresh.  I’m giddy over the possibilities that await. 

By the way, James?  Chad?  I take my coffee organically creamed, no sugar.  See you next week, gentlemen.

5 thoughts on “Just the Snoop

  1. I’ll get right on top of that. Is there anything else I can get you?
    Seriously, I’m so excited for you and for you pursuing your writing career. I just hope you won’t forget us little people… i.e. your first clients!!!!

  2. Can you help me get an assistant, now that you’re the expert!? Lol, coming new demands this school year, I sure could use some extra help!! Love, Stacey

  3. Christina you brighten my days and nights too if I wake up and happen to read your blog. Thanks for making me smile

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