Will Work for Coffee

Today is my first day here at the office as The Snoop.  (I inspected the coffee situation, and just as I suspected, total mess.)  I feel like one of those journalists who embed themselves in an army platoon to cover the war.  Except I’m covering mortgages, not war.  And I’m in Houston, not Iraq.  You know actually, let’s scratch that analogy.  I’m just a former assistant, snooping around where I used to work.  And by the way, I’ve updated the About + Contact  page to better explain our new situation.

Today, I pulled the ole Boss James in for an interview for some scoop on loans.   Trust me, you’ll want to watch until the end…

I want to make sure everyone caught that last line of James’:  “I think this part we probably should cut out.”

Yeah, not gonna happen.

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