New and Improved Olden Days

This month in Glamour Magazine, they interviewed Heidi Klum.  The pictures show her dancing around and laughing.  She talked about what it’s like to be gorgeous and thin, and how she loves being married to Seal.   It reminded me, I’ve been meaning to spice up my interviews and accompanying pictures of the ole Bosses.  I’ve got James currently practicing his leaps in the break room (Heidi leaped in her photos and it looked quite nice).  He keeps asking when he can stop because he’s got a client coming in to discuss home loan options and he doesn’t want to be sweaty for it.  I glare back and twirl my finger, instructing him to perfect his dance spins.  If the client comes in, I might be able to wing the first ten minutes of the meeting while James cools off.

“Hello, fine client.  Yes, yes, James will be with you momentarily.  He’s…busy.  In the meantime, please ignore Chad here.  He is practicing for our upcoming photo shoot/interview, and he shouldn’t be a bother.”

See, the ole Bosses have been changing some things up lately.  While they are still tech savvy and provide paperless loans, they’ve been doing lots more face to face meetings with clients.  It’s so charming.  Naturally, if clients want to handle everything via email or telephone, James and Chad are still very accommodating.  But for those who enjoy the homey feel of watching one boss do his lunchtime yoga, while being educated on loan programs by the other, it’s a perfect fit.  I think they’re even going to store some extra mats in the copy room in case borrowers feel so inclined to join in. 

“Namaste…one, two, three…And this number here is how much you will save each month on your mortgage with option number two…Controlled breathing… We know saving this much money is a shock to your organs…Breathe? Namaste?

It’s like the olden days!  But, better.  Maybe we’ll install a spittoon.  I think Heidi and Seal are even stopping by later with some home loan inquiries.

Meanwhile, the ole Bosses would like to open the office doors for anyone who is interested.  Stop by for a cup of coffee and enjoy a down-home, old timey chat to discuss any mortgage/yoga related questions you may have.  [note to self:  send Chad out for coffee once he completes his stretches]   Namaste…