Happy(er) Hour

I got two new catalogs in the mail today (bringing me such happiness that I leaned into the mailbox and smiled for a while).  The cover of one tells me, “You’ve got more on your mind than your wardrobe.”  Ha!  Where’d they get my address?  But in a small way, just this week, they are correct.  Because I have one additional item on my list of things to think about – the Happy Hour on Thursday with the ole Bosses, and you.  Me?  you ask, pointing a finger to your chest.  Yep, you.  Allow me to explain it all in a Glamour Magazine Style List.

10 Ways to Make Him Love You 10 Reasons Why this Happy Hour is Happier than Usual

  1. You are invited.  That’s right!  The ole Bosses said I could invite my readers, and I’d love to see you!
  2. It’s at Berryhill on 11th in the Heights, right across the street from our cute bungalow office.  We can even walk over for photos if you like.  I will offer a variety of poses, like the “Shake Hands for the Camera” (often used by grooms and father-in-laws at weddings), the “Prom Pose”, and the “Is it a Peace Sign or a Gang Sign?” (exhibited by high school and college males all across the US).   I will NOT do the weird “Ironic Kissing Shaped Mouth Plus Eyebrows Raised” all the girls are doing on Facebook these days.  What is with that?  I will do “Big Mouth” though.  That one just never gets old…half my albums are filled with me opening my mouth really wide, like I’m yelling.  Love it!
  3. I’ll be there signing autographs.  Please bring your computer and a Sharpee so I can sign the screen in which you read JustTheAssistant.com.
  4. The ole Bosses will be there.  If you’ve been reading here for any amount of time, you certainly have an arsenal of topics about which to make fun of them.  And if you’re a new reader, you have 48 hours to beef up on their shenanigans. Seriously, it will be a hoot!
  5. The temperature Thursday is said to reach 137 degrees.  If there is ever a reason to have a drink after work, I think that’s it.
  6. I don’t have to pretend to understand mortgages anymore.  I can eat chips and salsa and just talk about clothes and make-up, which are what I’ve wanted to talk about all along at the ole Bosses’ events.
  7. You can meet the rest of the team, like Rachelle and her Big Texas Hair, Hayley and her Midsized Texas Hair, and more!
  8. It goes from 5:00 to 6:30, so you can swing by right after work and enjoy good drinks and nice folks, and still get home early enough to do your normal Thursday evening things.
  9. James will be signing flowcharts.  I assume you don’t have any handy. Don’t worry…he does.
  10. You will have the opportunity to talk me up in front of the ole Bosses, saying stuff like, “When I get a home loan, you know who I’ll be callin’!”  Then give them a joking punch on the arm with a wink.  THEN, nod your head toward me and say something like, “If it weren’t for Just the Assistant, I wouldn’t even know who you guys are.”  Hmm…actually, let me work on that part a bit more.  I’ll hand you your lines at the door.

In the meantime, I’ve got some catalogs to peruse.

Hope you can make it!