Calendar Bosses

One of my pals is hosting a Dr. Pepper Calendar Men contest and I’m entering the ole Bosses.  What’s sexier than saving money on a mortgage, I ask you?  If they don’t win, I’ll whip these up into our own Men of Envoy Mortgage Calendar.   

Instead of saucy quotes beneath each picture, we’ll have interest rates on 15 year fixed rate mortgages – Me-OW!

At some point, I will be asking you all to vote for the ole Bosses.  I’ll let you know when the time comes.  Until then, please wish Mr. Chad Helmcamp a Happy Birthday!  He just had me show him how to reply to his 237 Facebook comments.  He’s also really concerned with wanting to know the actual number of people who wrote on his wall, which is a little strange if you ask me.  Anyway…

If you’d like to wish Chad a Happy Birthday, please leave a message below.  Now, if you’d like to wish him a very Happy Birthday, fill out a home loan application on the right hand side of your screen and write “Just the Assistant” in the referred by section.  I’ll show up with your free calendar and complimentary Dr. Pepper at closing.

Happy Birthday ole Boss!