Okay folks.  Nothing cute, nothing clever today.  I’ve just got cold hard facts, and I need your help.  Two items on our agenda:  Happy Hour, and Calendar Men Voting. 

I feel like this is going to go better if I psych you up first.  Ready? 

You pumped?  Okay.  There’s another happy hour this week.  Same time (5 – 6:30 Thursday), same place (BerryHill in the Heights), and the ole Bosses said I could invite you all!  Come on, all six of you reading, please come.  I know two of consist of my mom and cousin in Atlanta, so I understand if you can’t make it.  But the other four of you?  You know who you are.  Come have a margarita with the Memorial Branch!  I’ll be sipping Diet Dr. Pepper due to my paranoid fears of  blowing the election by getting tipsy and mistaking the bartender for my therapist, but you may have as many adult beverages as your heart desires. 

What election?  Today, I hit the campaign trail.  Yes, Gov. Perry and I planned this at the same time. Remember the pictures I took of the ole models Bosses posing with Dr. Peppers?  Later this week, you will have a chance to vote for them to win the Mr. August calendar slot for my pal Lincee’s “Cute Boys and Dr. Pepper” calendar contest. 

[Note:  Don’t even think about suing this former assistant for any sort of harassment. First of all, I spend all my money at Anthropologie, so you wouldn’t get a dime out of me.  Second, I didn’t name the contest; Lincee did.  Sue her.] 

If any of you are in the button making business, could you whip us up some “Vote for the ole Bosses” pins?  If they win, the office gets free Dr. Peppers for a YEAR.  And do you know what that means?  When you come in with your mortgage questions or come in to chat about Glamour Magazine with me, the ole Bosses will give you free Dr. Pepper!  This is a win win my friends.

I reckon if the six of you convince six friends to vote, and they convince…you get the idea.  It’s like Amway!

Voting will take place on my pal Lincee’s website, or by professing your love for her via airplane sky-writing + “My vote is for James Beaver and Chad Helmcamp!”

I’ll see you all Thursday at BerryHill.  Please bring me some babies to hold and hands to shake!  This election is on.

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