Nine Measly Votes

Nine of you better watch your back.  That’s how many votes the ole Bosses lost by.  However, one voter from Canada professed her, ahem, admiration for Chad, and now we can’t get him out of the office bathroom.  He’s been looking in the mirror all morning and giving shooting signs with his hands toward his reflection.  We keep hearing, “You stud, pow!” coming out from the bathroom.  I think James is about to break the door down since loads of loans are coming in and they need to be working.

Speaking of loans, hundreds of the ole Bosses’ clients voted.  I recognized name after name of folks who’d gotten loans from James and Chad over the years.  It made me proud of them.  I think you need a pretty solid relationship with your mortgage banker to vote for him to win a Dr. Pepper calendar competition.  And vote after vote proved what great mortgage bankers these two are.

So no year’s supply of Dr. Pepper for this office, but at least we know how much clients love the ole Bosses.  All the same, I’ve got the home gym delivery guy coming to drop some equipment off to ensure the Bosses win next time.

I’m also brainstorming our own picture collection of sorts.  If you have an idea for my own picture contest (think “readers wearing costumes in front of their dream home” or “readers expressing love for pizza and mortgages simultaneously”) please send me your suggestions.  I doubt our photos will go onto a calendar (not that you’re all not gorgeous readers, mind you), but the main meeting room of our office is a bit bare, and we’d love to have all your pictures up!  Send me ideas, and we’ll nail something down quick-like.

I’d like to leave you all with the losing calendar picture, along with some funny comments from clients, friends, and strangers that went along with the voting (courtesy of Lincee’s site…).

James and Chad. The only ones that looked liked they actually purchased the Dr. I am sure they would look good in a bathing suit as well. just saying

There is nothing sexier than a good mortgage – and these guys were smart to pimp out their business!

Chad and James! (And hopefully next year the contest rules will say “no children” since this contest is about hunks and not about babies. They ARE cute but this isn’t a cute baby contest.)

Chad and James…and it is NOT staged. I literally driven by their office and have seen them in this pose…sometimes all day.

Not only are these super savvy and surprisingly legit, they really know how to model softdrinks…with sexy results!

Chad and James at Envoy ROCK!!!

Chad and James make mortgages hot!

Chad & James. I always need a DP when signing such important paperwork.

What’s going on behind that sign anyway? Who needs a cute naked baby? I bet those boys are “fabric free” behind the sign!!!

Chad and James. They both appear to drink Dr Pepper LIKE A BOSS.

I have to vote for #5, though, based on his facial expression, it looks like James needs to switch to caffeine free.

Chad and James- The eloquent way they are presenting the Dr. Pepper, and the Regis Philibin smiles.. these guys gotta win it all!!

James and Chad because of the matching shirts, matching haircuts, and the strong suspicion that Chad is goosing James behind that sign.

the dude on the left in the Envoy photo is totally hot and if you happen to live anywhere near Vancouver BC, I’ll take you out for a Dr. Pepper. Hehe

The sign is well designed and Mortgages can be very sexy when they are making you money.

I’ve seen James Beaver run like a gazelle — graceful and quick as a cat… So, we’re voting #5!

Thanks to all of you for voting.  We had a lot of fun with this, and hopefully next time we’ll have fun with your own photos.  Please send your best ideas!

Now, off to schedule the ole Bosses’ spray tans in efforts to win Mr. September.