Sour Hour

I noticed something about the ole Boss Chad about four hours after I started working for him.

Chad takes care of things.  Correction:  Chad takes care of everything.  It’s what makes him a great mortgage banker.  It’s also what made James institute Chad’s “Power Hours.”

Here’s the thing.  Chad is helpful. If anyone has a question, he’s glad to dig up the answer, right there, on the spot. Even if you nonchalantly ponder aloud a problem you have and Chad is in earshot, chances are your problem will be solved within nine minutes.

It was so handy while I was his assistant.  If I got to a sticky spot, I could casually mention what a pest said project was, and the next thing I knew I had Chad working on it for me.

James spoiled the fun though. It happened because Chad had started working ‘til three in the morning since he’d spent all day on everyone’s problems, and James realized that his business partner actually could have a heart attack in lieu of the phony ones Chad periodically pulls.

James sent an email out to the team and gave us certain time periods we were even allowed to talk to Chad.  We all groaned because we enjoyed the unlimited access to this problem solver.  Alas, we grudgingly agreed to not talk to Chad 9:30 to 11:00, and 1:30 to 3:30 Monday through Fridays so that he could pour all of his heart into his clients.  James called it Chad’s “Power Hours.”

That first week was hard on all of us.  We’d pick up the phone, excited to unload the problem of the hour onto Chad, only to glance at the clock and remember.  Then all our hearts sunk and we’d sulk until lunch.  Week two came and went, and gradually I just started typing every problem I had into the Google search bar, with fairly decent results.

We’d all get really excited if we happened to run into Chad on our way to the water cooler. “Hey Boss! How, how are you?” I suppose he missed us too, but I think he was too busy working for his dear clients to mourn as much as we were.

Last week while Chad was at a meeting, I sat at his desk to make myself feel important. I had time to snoop.  Those “Power Hour” rules were sent out a long time ago, and I honestly didn’t know that they were still in effect. That is, until I noticed something on the ole Boss’s desk.  He had those power hours scribbled on a sheet of paper right under his monitor.

I tell you this for two reasons.  A.  I think it’s really funny that James named his idea Power Hours, and B.  Right now really is a great time to buy a house, and there are plenty of people out there that could help you get a mortgage.  But there are two people in particular that care enough about their clients that they’re willing to put a power hour rule into effect.

So, if you have any questions about mortgages, by all means, call Chad any time of day.  If you have any questions about pizza, Anthropologie, or how my burglar investigation is going, I suggest you call me during Chad’s power hours since I’m not allowed to gab with him at that time.  Lastly, if you are question-free and ready to apply for a mortgage, you may do so on the right hand side of your screen at two o’clock in the morning on a Sunday, or whenever else is handy for you.