Slow Shopping

I love browsing just as much as I love purchasing.  I once browsed so long in Anthropologie that they took my clothes out of the dressing room and returned them to the store front, assuming I’d gone home.

I’m a slow shopper.  Not even kidding, it took me one hour and ten minutes to buy this headband:

However, there are some items we simply cannot linger upon.  Like home insurance policies.  Here’s the thing…

When you start the process of buying a home, you will need to choose your home insurance policy before closing on that home.  Why?  Because the nice folks lending you the cash for that house need to know that if something goes kooky one day or ten years later, the home is insured.

And since the insurance policy goes into effect at closing, you will need to have the policy picked out in advance.  It’s like magic.  Your pen touches the HUD statement (no, I still don’t know what that is) and all of a sudden these electric currents move through the air and maybe a vase topples over behind you.  Then you’ll know.  You are insured.

So let’s say you find your dream bungalow.  Once you decide to buy the house (meaning you’ve put in an offer and the seller has accepted it, blah blah blah) you need to pick out your insurance policy as soon as possible.  I’m talking within that week.  There are folks who need to be working behind the scenes on your loan, and they need the insurance policy information well in advance of closing.  Now for some reason, a few of the ole Bosses clients have dawdled on this, and they give vague replies like, “Mm hmm…I’m still shopping.”

This works in Anthropologie.  It does not work for home insurance.  Without insurance, you cannot get a mortgage.

I have a solution.  If you know you are a dawdler, go ahead and start browsing insurance policies  and agents now, even if you are years from buying a home.  That way when you do buy, you will impress everyone in the process when you say, “Oh yes, and I’ve already picked out my policy.  I’ll take this one in a size 6 please.”  The ole Bosses may even tear up with joy.

So go ahead, grab your reusable Target bag, and drop by all your local agencies.  Tell them you’d like to view their best policies.

Oh kidding.  Listen, there are some stores in which we love to slow shop.  But there are others (like Ross – eek!) that I just want to get out of as fast as possible once I’ve picked out my coffee table book of Parisian landmarks.  Treat home insurance shopping like Ross shopping.  Quick and smart.  If you need help, the ole Bosses can recommend some great insurance agents.  Either way, the quicker you are able to provide the ole Bosses with what they need, the smoother things will go.

Afterward, you’ll own a fab home, and can spend as many hours as your heart desires pawing through the towels at World Market, the throw pillows at Marshalls and the rugs at Anthro.  If you hear someone calling from the dressing room, “Uh, Ms. Dressing Room Lady?  Excuse me? Uh, has anybody seen my clothes?” you’ll know who’s there too.