Mr. Fix It

They broke my printer.  I suppose it’s James’ printer because he paid for it, but I had control of it for years, had it working just fine.  Rumor has it around the office that the ole Boss Chad broke it.  He claims he was “fixing” it.  Mm hmm…

So now when they try to print something, the printer makes a farting noise and clams up, refusing to work.

I saw a manual on Chad’s desk, open to the section on how to fix the printer:

Good thing the ole Bosses provide paperless loans!

Speaking of paper products, Anthropologie just did us a huge favor.  They sent out their winter catalog, and all the clothes looked gloomy and dreary and the models didn’t even smile.  And they photographed them in Maine on the foggiest day in history.  I think when the photo shoot ended they all went to therapy together and talked about death.

Beloved Anthro, our wallets (or “billfolds” as my mom would say) thank you.  With this extra cash, we might be wondering what to shop for instead…

Now that the weather in Houston is below 117, gone are the sweltering days of summer in which all you could do was click through home pictures on HAR.  It’s finally cool enough to drive over to that home you’ve been eyeing.  Of course we all love browsing online, but those pictures can be tricky.  You take pictures of a dump at the right angle with the right lighting, and all of a sudden folks think it’s “charming” and “quirky” instead of dangerous and condemned.  It’s essential to go to the area of town where you’d like to buy.

There’s just something about getting out of your car in front of what may be your new home, parked on the street of what may be your new address, breathing the air of what might be your new neighborhood, and peeking in the mailbox where you might receive future catalogs (actually, don’t do that part because you might go to jail).

Afterward, stop by the office and let the ole Bosses know you’ve found the perfect home.  They will be with you as soon as they finish fixing the printer.