Cross(Fit) Boss

If any of you have ever read my About page, you know that the ole Boss James has a tendency to, shall we say, over commit to random forms of exercise.  Oh dear readers, it has happened again.  James has joined CrossFit.  Don’t people die doing CrossFit?  Or come close?  My neighbor does it and he all the time has various tapes and bandages stuck to his elbows and shoulders and legs.  And he’ll be all, “Hey look what I learned to do” – and show me a hand-stand push-up.  And I’m like, “Yeah, but your arm is broken, sooo…”

If I was still James’ Just the Assistant, my job would be to encourage him.  I’m not his assistant anymore; rather Just the Reporter, so I’ll be tracking how he does here on the blog.  You may be wondering how this ties into your mortgage.  I’m wondering the same thing myself.  Below, his starting stats:

Weight James can currently squat:  “My body weight.”

Me:  “You mean like, if you weigh 200 pounds, you can squat with a 200 pound weight on your shoulders?”

James:  No, I mean like, I can do a squat, just me, like with no weight.”

Number of pull-ups James can do: 1.5

Number of cheeseburgers James consumes in a month: 3

Days per week James plans to attend CrossFit: 3

At the office this week, he made a big to-do about how sore he was.  “Ah!  These stairs!”  He also made a big to-do about how he almost threw up in the previous night’s class – “I almost threw up.  One guy did throw up.”  Since I still have a soft spot in my heart for the ole Boss, I encouraged him.  “Maybe you’ll throw up next time?”

We’ll be reviewing his progress regularly here, so stay tuned!  I’d like us all to rally together and help James out in his new endeavor.  I don’t have any rock solid evidence backing this up, but I bet your home buying process will go even better if James is in tip-top shape. 

As always, the best thing you can do to support this fabulous ole Boss, is to send him your business, and tell your friends about the great job he does too.  Please fill out those loan applications on the right, and type “James’ CrossFit Adventure” in the referred by section.  And if he happens to throw up at the closing table due to a strenuous morning work out, just deal with it, okay?  Progress is progress.

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  1. Hilarious! I’m pretty sure I know your neighbor and I’m pretty sure he currently has pink tape all over his body!

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