Boring Topic

We have a boring topic to discuss today, but it’s going to make your life easier in the long run if in you listen up now.

We’re going to talk about filling out a loan application. But first, I have a shopping tip for you. Open Anthropologie’s website. Then in another browser, open Target’s website. If you see something that looks cool on Anthro’s site, every so often you can find something quite similar on Target’s site, and the reason this is helpful to you is a) It helps you out with the “Is this cool? It’s from Target which means it could be cool but it could be lame” conundrum. But ah ha! If it resembles something from Anthro, you know it’s cool. B) It’ll be cheaper.

I used this trick for the last pair of boots I bought. At Anthro the boots I liked were $388 and made of real leather. At Target they were $29.99 and not real leather but totally cool with a red zipper in the back. Cha-ching!

And speaking of helpful tricks to save you money, let’s move on to the ole loan application. Our lesson today is very short. Ready?

Fill out the loan application.

Some folks think this means “Fill out parts of the loan application” or “Fill out the first page of the loan application” or “Fill out everything, but sort of lie on the part about your employer’s address because you don’t feel like looking it up so you’ll just wing it.” Tsk tsk tsk.

Why does it matter? Because if you don’t fill it out completely, someone from our office will call you and ask for the missing information, or worse, your cavalier ways will somehow go undetected until late in the process, and your loan approval will be delayed while the mistakes are corrected. So if you’d like a home loan, you have to fill it out completely, either the easy way up front, or the hard way later in the game. And if it’s not filled out correctly? Oh girl, are you in trouble. The folks who decide whether or not you will be approved for this loan have to determine whether or not you are a crook or a sloth or a swindler. Filling out things incorrectly will not help your case. That means your closing could be delayed, which nobody wants.

Bonus round:  If your loan application is filled out correctly, do you know what happens in our office?  Hayley, our loan coordinator says nice things about you. Things like, “Ah, I love when people fill out their applications completely.” Then she’ll sigh and we all smile.

Now, if you have questions about the application, by all means the whole office (except for me) is here to help you. And James even claims that he’s a better mortgage banker now that he’s existed solely off of his juice cleanse for the past five days.

If you’d like to know if it’s a good time to fill out a loan application (on the right, see?), email me or the ole Bosses. They love when they hear from blog readers, so by all means take advantage of their expertise and kindness. They are here to handle all your mortgage needs, and because I was their client before I was their assistant, I can tell you with confidence that they do an outstanding job.

Now excuse me while I wait patiently for the Houston weather drop below 80 in order for me to wear my boots.

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  1. I do the same thing with looking at fashion blogs and going to thrift stores to find similar looks 🙂 Woot! I know nothing about loan applications but yes, thanks for the info on that too 🙂

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