Happy Birthday Just the Assistant!

It’s true. This blog has made it through the first year. I’ve been reading other folks’ blogs to find out what I’m supposed to do to celebrate, and from what I’ve gathered, I should emphasize how few people read this thing at the beginning, talk about how word spread so quickly, then speak on how famous I am now.

Uh, well … this is a mortgage blog, so …

How bout we just talk about you sending me Anthropologie gift cards as congratulations for not getting booted off the Internet in my first year?

In honor of this pee your pants funny mortgage blog lasting one full year, I present to you a Glamour Magazine style top ten list:

Ten Saucy Kissin’ Tips! Top Ten Highlights from Just the Assistant’s First Year

  1. My meeting with the ole Boss James, in which I wore a sassy flowered blazer from Anthropologie, and pitched my idea for this blog to him.
  2. James not firing me for telling him, “You always talk about writing a blog, but really, you never will, and even if you did, it already sounds so boring. Let me do it instead. By the way, can I have fifty bucks to buy the domain “Just the Assistant?”
  3. The first day a complete stranger subscribed to my blog (like you can on the right, see?). No joke – my eyes welled up with tears at my desk.
  4. The first referral Just the Assistant brought the ole Bosses. It didn’t turn into a loan, but only because the gal hasn’t bought a home yet. Either way, knowing that I possibly secured these Bosses a loan some day makes me glad.
  5. The first loan Just the Assistant brought the ole Bosses: Closing was a bit of a wreck since the guy had forgotten to have his drivers’ license renewed in the past twenty years, but hey, a loan’s a loan! James and Chad came to it and gave me hugs in the parking lot.
  6. My lunch with the ole Boss Chad and a realtor. The sweet realtor said, “I’m really just here to meet you!” talking to ME! Ha! And she gave me a mini-fan to bring to the gym with me in case I don’t want to sweat.
  7. The day James and Chad brought me on solely as a writer. Of course I’ll miss stuffing envelopes, forgetting to order food for events, creating flow charts, breaking the printer, and buying office toilet paper at Costco; but, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was six years old, so, I think I’ll live J
  8. Getting a column in Houston Woman Magazine! The publisher of the magazine read my blog early on and gave me my very own slot in her mag. That gig is going on a year now, and I find ways to drop it into random conversations that I’m a columnist. “Oh, you’re thinking of buying a pre-lit Christmas tree this year? Well, that reminds me that I’m a columnist at Houston Woman Magazine!”
  9. Not only getting the gig with the magazine, but the night James and Chad called me to tell me that the publisher had contacted them. It was about eight o’clock one night and I was sick. The Bosses never call me past five, so when I saw Chad’s name on the phone I knew something was off. Chad immediately put me on hold to connect James on the line too, so that they could both be on the phone. I think it was Chad that read the email to me from Beverly (the publisher), and before he was done I had started crying. It still makes me smile thinking about how the guys both wanted to be on the phone with me. J
  10. Snoopin’ around the office, listening to everybody’s conversations, gripes, laughs, mishaps, and jabber. Once, while I was an intern in college, I had to write an article for an organization that I really didn’t care for. My contempt for the place oozed through my words even though I tried to disguise it. All that to say, I can’t hide how I feel about a place, and so when I write about how fabulous my ole Bosses are and how I really do want every person in the state of Texas to get their home loans with these guys, it’s because it’s absolutely true.