How do you say “Flowchart” in Rwandan?

If you’ve been spending any time here for the past year, first of all, I love you (in a friendly, gracious way, not an awkward blogger-in-the-basement way). Secondly, you are aware of that my ole Boss, James Beaver, has a bit of a undying love bordering psychopathic obsession “thing” with flowcharts.

Ladies and gentlemen, James has taken his flowcharts international.

While the rest of us have spent December working, fighting colds, and trying to figure out how to recycle the same LBD from last year’s parties without anyone’s notice, James Beaver has been in Rwanda, teaching the people there about how to conduct business. (More scoop to come next week upon his return.) Other than his out-of-office replies, I hadn’t heard a peep out of him since he’d left. Until yesterday…

Email from the ole Boss:

“I’m now ready for my presentation for the folks in Rwanda who are at the seminar.”



I suppose the Rwandans have a much better grip on stress than me, so I cling to the bit of consolation that this won’t send them rushing home crying like it used to me when I had to sit under James’ business teachings.

So, my friends, when the next entrepreneurial launch takes off from Rwanda, you’ll know how it started: With a mortgage banker from Houston with a big heart, his flowcharts, and lots of random dashes.