A real giveaway (not a lame one like last time)

It is possible that the Just the Assistant mortgage blog is taking over the world. Why? Because TWO of my dear readers are in the middle of getting home loans from my fabulous ole Bosses! Last year alone I managed to bring them a total of one loan for the entire year.

Did you count that? One.

I nearly pushed the ole Bosses into bankruptcy. I think the CEO of Envoy Mortgage even considered shutting down operations after my poorly represented year.

Seems like 2012 is going to be a fine time for me. Even if not one other loan comes through due to my nonsense mortgage ramblings here, I’ve doubled the business I brought the guys last year. 100% increases in business are usually considered solid improvement, no? Still, I hope to keep my streak going strong. My goal is to bring the guys so much business that they have to change their name to Just the Assistant Mortgage and put my picture on the billboards. Or at least the Just the Assistant Branch of Envoy Mortgage.

To help keep things rolling, I have two things to tell you all.

First, rates are still stupid low. I know this because I am in the middle of refinancing my home. And if I were renting, you better believe I’d be scrambling to buy a house right now. These low interest rates mean hundreds of dollars less on monthly mortgage payments. And my ole Bosses are the smartest, nicest mortgage bankers in Texas, so it just makes sense, folks.

Second, I have a giveaway! Okay, the last giveaway I did was really lame and only like two people took me up on it. It was for moving stickers. The stickers had a value of 98 cents, and I think I lost readers by insulting them with my 98 cent gimmick.

But this one’s for real. Ready?

I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Houston’s own Ruggles Green! And it’s so easy. For everyone who subscribes to my blog (on the right, see?) in the next week, I will enter your name in my hat. Next Tuesday, I’ll draw a name out of the hat. If I draw your name, I’ll drop your $50 Ruggles Green gift card in the mail. I’ll even video the drawing so you all can host viewing parties and stuff.

I promise this isn’t a weird drawing where you enter and then a gym ends up calling you trying to get you set up with a personal trainer.

So please subscribe to my blog. That way my fabulous mortgage advice will come right to your inbox each week and you can pretend you are working while you are really reading my blog. And please share this post and encourage your friends to enter!

Now, off to work on those billboards.

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