Bloopers and Bullies

James suckered me into a project of his. He was supposed to create a video broadcasting his love for Envoy Mortgage’s accounting department. It was something corporate asked him to do, and I’m not sure what would’ve happened if he’d refused, but the term “corporate” sounds kinda scary, so I’m glad he agreed.

Because I loiter around the office and have two hands and can hold a camera, he thought I’d fit the bill for helping him film his blockbuster.

Now, I have in my possession one of our blooper videos. I planned to post it here so that everyone could have a good laugh and experience warm, generous feelings toward the Memorial Branch of Envoy Mortgage. It would’ve brought in at least three loans. However, James Beaver nearly had a heart attack over it and almost cried when I said I was to put it here on the blog.

Alas, though I do not have a large heart, I do have a heart. Plus, a Facebook friend request this week from a boy who used to make fun of me in middle school has softened my heart toward bullying, and I have decided not to post James’ blooper reel. I’m still mad at that boy, after all, and I don’t want the ole Bosses someday exclaiming, “Christina Ledbetter? Christina Ledbetter! Just who does she think she is sending me a friend request after what she did twenty years ago!?”

Before I present to you the boring video that we actually submitted to corporate, let me remind everyone of the giveaway. Subscribe to Just the Assistant (on the right, see?) before Tuesday, choose how often you’d like to be e-mailed my blog posts, and you will be entered in my hat to win a $50 gift card to Ruggles Green. So far, two people have entered.


Now, I by no means want to insult anyone’s math skills here. But if you subscribe right now, you have a 33% chance of winning 50 bucks. I don’t reckon you need Envoy’s accounting department to tell you that subscribing is a financially savvy move on your part.

But just in case you do need to hear more about the accounting department:

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