Four Names in a Hat

First of all, did you all know my ole Boss Chad was on the radio this weekend? He was the mortgage expert on a real estate show! Did you hear that? Mortgage expert. I’m so proud! I actually only heard the last four minutes of the show, but I’m pretty sure that the first 56 minutes were spent talking about his ole Just the Assistant. They’ll probably put me on the show next week. The DJ will say something like, “Now Christina, we all read Just the Assistant around here. Our producer loves it! But, let’s talk about the girl behind this famous blog for a bit…” Then we’ll delve into my childhood and stuff.

Okay, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Time to find out who wins 50 smackers to Ruggles Green.

I know I claimed I’d do the drawing on video, but it’s raining in Houston today, and due to an abundance of vanity lurking in my soul, I do not wish to film myself unless I feel glamorous.  Please enjoy my picture story of the drawing.

Just an ordinary hat, ladies and gentlemen…

Names entered…

Yes, that’s four entries. I think that means that those who entered have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than not winning my drawing.

Alas, we could only draw one. The suspense was killing all of us. Just the Assistant’s dog couldn’t even watch…

Shake it up! This is a fair drawing…

Oh, who’s it gonna be?

Uncrumble time!

Emily from Houston, come on down! James Beaver, Chad Helmcamp (the mortgage expert), and Just the Assistant hope you enjoy your 50 bucks to Ruggles Green. We’re so thankful you waste seven minutes a week with us, and hope you enjoy your new subscription.

To the other three folks who entered, thank you so much! I realize that you are not able to chalk it up to the odds being against you and such. The odds were quite in your favor actually, so I’m really sorry you all didn’t win. Really, I’m humbled that you read my mortgage ramblings. When you one day need a mortgage, I’ll make sure we all go out to a restaurant of your choice after closing.

Now, off to call that radio station and review my talking points.