Desk Potatoes

Sometimes the office is abuzz with folks working on mortgages, talking to clients, and conducting meetings to discuss team processes.

Other times, they just eat potato chips.

On potato chip days, Chad picks a topic that gets him fired up and gives us all his opinion about it. It’s usually in response to one of three things:

  1.  James’ food choices (or lack thereof) for the month
  2. A celebrity who did something atrocious (think Tiger Woods)
  3. How much he loves bacon

We have all learned to listen politely and let him get it all out.

every bit of it…

It’s best not to interrupt the flow. Below, note James’ frustration that I butted in with my own opinion, thus prolonging Chad’s monologue. Note Chad’s frustration that I’m talking at all:

I have a point in all this besides making fun of Chad. During last week’s potato chip eating session, Chad received THREE referrals. Do you see the size of those chip bags? We’re not talking jumbo sized Doritos here.That’s three referrals in about six minutes! Two of the referrals came from realtors (Thanks realtors!), and the other came from a former client (Thanks client!). All three people thought so much of Chad that they told their friends (or in the case of the realtors, their own clients) about him.

If you would like to be a lucky referral partner and unknowingly partake in Chad’s potato chip ramblings, tell your friends, family and frenemies about this super smart mortgage banker.

And if you’d like information on bacon, celebrity crimes, or anything James is doing that Chad finds remotely annoying or amusing, contact Chad directly.