Listen up, every other country in the world…

Before we get started on anything mortgage related, I’ve just got to say I saw Reba McEntire Friday night at the rodeo and the lights definitely went out in Georgia. I was here in Texas, but I called my family in Atlanta and they all confirmed it. Also, I should apologize to the poor folks who sat in front of me. I realize you bought Reba tickets to actually hear Reba sing. Instead, I obnoxiously sang louder than she did and unfortunately spoiled your night. I’m really sorry. All together now – Here’s ya-one chance Fancy don’t let me dow-ow-owwwwn!

Okay – mortgages!

Apparently there is a department of our company called Secondary. I don’t know if someone from Envoy named the department, or if that’s a standard name in all mortgage companies. I even Googled it and still don’t know.

Apparently the Secondary department is in charge of providing the mortgage bankers at our company with new loan products. Here’s the thing. It would be neat if James and Chad just had a blank mortgage canvas and could create any type of loan in the world. Like, a nineteen year mortgage with no mortgage insurance and you put down two percent as closing costs.

Instead, James and Chad have access to a slew of different loan products. It’s just like when you go shopping. Even though Express has gotten really skanky lately, they will serve my example well. For one pair of jeans you can choose from certain lengths (tall, regular, and short), cuts (curvy, straight, boot cut, skinny) and rinses (light, dark, black). And that’s kind of how it is with mortgages. There are lots of different options (like, a 30 year fixed rate) and you have choices within the options (like, paying your taxes on your own or having them be part of your mortgage payment). Well, Secondary has been rolling out more options lately with great pricing (that’s really good for you).

Here’s my favorite product they’ve rolled out recently: Foreign National Loans. I feel smarter after even typing it. When the French and Peruvian and Swiss and South Africans want to move to the United States and obtain a mortgage to buy a home, it can be tricky because they do not have a US credit history. That’s probably why the French were rioting recently. Well they can cut it out now, because with the Foreign National loan, those folks can secure a nice mortgage with my ole Bosses. See how impactful mortgages are?

And finally, please come to the March Madness gathering on Thursday. I reckon four of you out there read my blog and one of you is my mother. That means I better see three of you on Thursday. No wait, I just asked the ole Bosses, and they said even my mom can come. And those of you on Spring Break – come have a cheeseburger.

The scoop once more:

360 Sports Lounge

4601 Washington Avenue

11:00 AM – 8:00 PM Come & Go (as many times as you need to)

See you Thursday!