Boy Talk Girl Talk

A few months ago the ole Bosses asked me to start writing for a wider audience, namely both genders instead of one. Obviously I have failed. To remedy the lack of anything masculine on Just the Assistant, the ole Bosses decided to host a total dude event. It was awful. Be glad you didn’t go. All they did was drink beer and watch basketball and talk about sports. Bleh.

This guy was saying something like, “Basketball basketball…shouldn’ta traded…sports…beer…bracket,” while his pals listened intently and would shout “No you didn’t!” every so often.

Here, James decides to trade sides of the table so he can talk to a different group of men about basketball and burping. Look at that TV in the background. Is that a machine gun ship?

Here, a nice plate of nitrates and pink slime:

Here’s me nonchalantly checking the time. Please note I am wearing a bracelet. I’m currently reading this fashion book and it says I’m suppose to accessorize to, no joke, “send your image into the stratosphere!”

I finally couldn’t take it anymore, people. After one hour at the basketball bar, I recuperated by spending two hours with my therapist:

I ended up buying some super girly clothes. Not that I usually dress like a man or anything, but after having spent one hour in a dark sports bar all I wanted to do was buy flowered skirts and fifties style dresses with pearls.

If you’d like any home purchase or refinance advice, I think the ole Bosses have crawled into work by now. Kidding. They were on superb behavior yesterday. They’d heard getting smashed at your own business networking event is frowned upon and handled themselves accordingly.

Off to chat with girlfriends…”Clothes…makeup…cats…floral curtains…”

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