I’m Not the Only One…

I admit, sometimes Glamour Magazine gives pretty lame advice. Like the month they told us all to start wearing neon eyeliner and intentionally frizzing our hair. But this month’s issue has been a total gem. First of all, the chick that’s starring in The Hunger Games is on the cover looking all edgy and cool. Second of all, there’s an A to Z money section with some snappy advice I’d like to share.

It literally starts with A – Assets, and goes all the way through the alphabet. Below, some of my favorites with my own commentary.

M – Money – Glamour says we could be making more money by picking up babysitting jobs twice a month. Then they show this picture with the caption: “Walking these pups a few times a month? Easy money!”

Oh Glamour, you’re just so charming. I love how you think we all stroll through New York City casually walking designer dogs for extra weekend cash.

A – Assets – Glamour says an asset is something that increases in value. And they say that’s how we can get rich. And you know the examples they give? Do ya? A home!

G – Guys – Glamour says men who spend their money practically are more interested in commitment. I’m not sure if this translates in the reverse, so men, I don’t know what to tell you. Well, maybe if you’re one of the men throwing your loot around on Hermes scarves and such, you should search out a nice budgeting girl.

H – Home Ownership – I’m not even going to summarize what Glamour says about it because you’ll think I’m telling stories. See for yourself:

And let’s get a close up of the visual cues here:

Did you see that! I’m sure of it now . . . Glamour has been reading my blog. Actually I doubt they have. They’re probably in the midst of suing me for posting their article on my blog. Please Glamour, I’m just a poor writer trying to make a living. I didn’t mean anything by making fun of your dog-walking idea. Really, it’s a great idea. How about let’s make up and you hire me for some writing gigs? Here’s my card:

If you’d like to know a bit more about how you can buy a home or refinance the one you have, e-mail me and I’ll pass your questions straight to my fab ole Bosses. Now, off to convince those ole Bosses to let the whole office take a field trip Thursday for The Hunger Games 12:00 showing.