I’m glad my ole Bosses are really busy here at the office and everything, but it’s so boring when they have tons of loans to do. I miss 2008 when the industry was down the tubes and we could just laugh at funny YouTube videos all day. “Nope, no missed calls while y’all were out, Bosses, but did you see this talking cat!?” Then we’d watch it four times in a row because there was nothing else to do.

Fast-forward to today and  they’re so busy they’re trying to sucker me into doing some of their work. Ha! You know they’ve got to be desperate if they’re asking me for help. James asked me to sit in on a marketing call for him that the corporate folks were conducting. It’d be just like that show where the boss goes undercover with the workers, except I’m like the lowest person at the company and I’d be sitting in on the important people discussions.

I threw him a bone and said I’d do it, then I made a big to-do out of it, calling a friend two minutes before the call saying, “I’ve got to talk fast, I’ve got a conference call in two minutes.”

In the meantime, James and Chad discussed business. Here, James holds his neck the way he does when Chad pitches a new “idea” to him. (I apologize for the bad lighting. We’ll be out of the bungalow shortly.)

While they stressed over the furniture selections for the new office, I got to business on that call. While I didn’t learn any huge company secrets or anything interesting like that, I did hear some stuff I wanted to share with you all, just to brag on the company a bit.

One of the topics of discussion was some certain loan program. Honestly, I thought they were saying Heart loan, and that’s what I kept typing in my notes. Later James informed me it’s a HARP loan. No clue what it is. Don’t care. Since this was a marketing call, the big corporate men were talking about how mortgage bankers are allowed to advertise for this certain loan program. The man kept reiterating, “No marketing can go out unless we have approved it.”

Do you know why? Apparently there are lots of special circumstances with these types of loans. And Envoy Mortgage is super cautious about making sure all of their advertising is 100% accurate. They don’t want someone advertising something that’s just not feasible (like those interest rates you see on the side of your Facebook page).

It may seem like a small thing, but I think it says a lot about the company that on a conference call only intended for branch managers and the head of the marketing department, they discussed the necessity to be absolutely truthful in advertising. Honestly, I was hoping that by sitting in on the call I’d learn some sly marketing tricks so that I could bamboozle hundreds of people to subscribe to my blog. Instead, I just found out that Envoy Mortgage is dedicated to giving you all honest information.

So before you call the number on the skanky internet ads, give my ole Bosses a call. They will tell you what they can and cannot do when it comes to buying or refinancing homes. They may also ask your opinion on the desk selections for the new office space. Just be honest with them.

One final note – one of my readers is in the process of getting a loan with my ole Bosses! I’m thrilled! They may not send me packing after all. . .

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