Somebody’s Got a Case of the Mondays

It’s almost time for us to move into our new office space. My ole Boss James is being super paranoid and won’t let me announce our new address until we actually move in. I suppose he thinks I have this huge following and people other than my mother read this blog and they’ll all be sitting outside the new office with pictures of me ready for autographing. For now, I will allow him to believe that. He’s always paranoid about something or another so I’ve learned it’s best to indulge him.

In the meantime, the ole Bosses are trying to hawk off all our old office furniture. They made Rachelle, our loan processor and Chad’s wife, clean it all since she has major issues with germs and is a good candidate for making sure our stuff is sanitary before selling it out of a van on the street.

Speaking of Rachelle, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about Mortgage Insurance and Hot Ladies. The follow-up post, titled “Mortgage Insurance and No Hot Ladies” apparently offended some people . To  appease anyone who was upset by the lack of hotness on the follow-up post, I present to you a peace offering:

Meow! Rachelle is the hottest one on our whole team (and possibly in Harris County), so if this won’t do, I suggest you find an adult blog to read.

Okay, even though I’m not allowed to give away our new address due to issues James apparently needs counseling for, nobody has told me I can’t post the floor plan image (complete with my own comments concerning where I think everyone should sit). Please enjoy my interpretation of what office life will be like come next Tuesday when we’re safe and sound in the new digs.

Also, please feel free to encourage my ole Bosses to accept my floor plan thoughts. Any comments posted here will be sent straight to the big guys.

Off to box up my Glamour Magazines.