Gossip About Chad (and a winner)

Houston, we have a winner! Thanks to all of you who shared my blog. A wonderful reader named Ali has won, and if you would like to convince her to invite you along to dine at Shade, her phone number and e-mail address are. . .

Oh kidding. Congrats, Ali! Call my ole Bosses to buy or refinance your home now, okay?

Now then.

Last week the ole Bosses hosted a lovely gathering in which they invited a few of their referral partners to drink wine and eat cupcakes. My job was to laugh really loudly at jokes made by anyone who refers business to us. Nobody assigned me that role, but I thought it was a good plan.

During  a lull in which people were generally ignoring me, I overheard a conversation between two realtors. The first realtor, who we’ll call Helen, was talking about how her client was simply floored when she learned how great Chad’s pricing really was. See, this client had found another mortgage banker who was going to give her the same rate as Chad was offering, but you know what? That other stinky ole mortgage banker had fees through the roof! And the client told Helen all about it and how happy she was that she’d stuck with Chad.

Then get this. The client had a friend who was buying a house, too. The unfortunate friend used another lender – cue failure music. After buying her house, the friend told Helen’s client what interest rate she’d received and what fees she’d paid. Well, she got the same interest rate as Helen’s client (Chad’s client, that is), but paid, get ready, $4,000 more in closing costs. Do you know what I could do with four grand?

I realize that’s a confusing story since I didn’t know anyone’s name. But the point is, some poor lady paid $4,000 more for a loan that she could have gotten with Chad Helmcamp. And she would have gotten better service too. It’s true.

I’m so proud of my ole Boss!

Moments after the compliments when Chad’s head was extremely swollen.

I had only heard snippets of the conversation so I had to get Chad to fill me in. He’s so busy with loans right now (yay!) that I actually  had to interview him in his car between appointments.

He thinks he’s so cool.

So remember, an interest rate is very important, but so is the amount of money in closing costs you will pay. Always compare apples to apples, or save yourself loads of trouble and just use my ole Bosses for all your mortgage needs. I’m tellin’ ya, they’re the best.

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Off to help Chad fit his head through his new office door!

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