Energy Savers

Due to an unfortunate accident involving a potato peeler, a mango and my left index finger, typing today is a bit of a challenge. That works out quite handy though since my ole Bosses were a big fat ZERO help to me on the blog this week. I sat down to interview each of them, and the best piece of mortgage information I received was from Chad when he said, “You can’t use cash as a down payment.”

“Why not?” I asked.

Chad then rolled his chair over to his computer to Google a good answer. “Ah, let me just send you an article about it later. I’ve been meaning to look that up myself.”

What tha?


So there you have it. You can’t use cash on a down payment on a mortgage, folks. Why? Oh, we’re not sure.

Then came my interview with James. The dude needs a nap and a cheeseburger (yep, juicing again).

Happy Mortgage Banker at Your Service

I started with, “Are there any questions borrowers consistently ask you that we can answer on the blog?”

“Yeah, they’re always asking about APR. ‘What is APR?’’What does it mean?’”

I got excited here because I’ve always wondered what APR is too! “Great! I’ve always wondered what APR is too! What is it?”

Insert giant sigh combined with lots of face rubbing. “I don’t really feel like going into it right now. Can we do that some other time?”

To be fair, James had just gotten out of a meeting with a client and was about to hop right back into another one. He was being strategic in wasting zero energy on our interview so that he could enter meeting number two reenergized and friendly and ready to explain what APR is. And Chad had just hung up from his fourteenth phone call from a “challenging” borrower he’s helping right now. Now, he loves all his borrowers, but sometimes he deals with some real zingers.

Speaking of borrowers, it turns out the ole Bosses energy saving strategies are paying off! Remember I told you all that I brought the ole Bosses a loan recently (from one of you! Woop woop!)? Well, the loan closed, and the borrowers are saving a ton of money every month on their mortgage. They also filled out our survey afterwards. Get this (copied from survey results):

The borrower was asked to rank their experience using the following 1-to-5 scale where 1 is Poor or Unsatisfactory, 2 is Adequate, 3 is Satisfactory, 4 is Better than Expected and 5 is Excellent.

Overall Score: 25 out of 25 points = 5.0

1.) How would you rate your overall experience with Envoy Mortgage? = 5

2.) Was your Loan Officer or Envoy Representative thorough and courteous? = 5

3.) Ignoring any delays from other parties, did Envoy Mortgage meet your turn time expectations from start to closing date? = 5

4.) Did Envoy meet all your expectations? = 5

5.) Would you refer someone to Envoy Mortgage? = 5

Bam! If you would like to be one of James and Chad’s lucky borrowers and fill out a fancy survey with all fives like this after you close on your super smart mortgage, fill out a mortgage application on the right or contact us directly.

Have a great long weekend! And remember, potato peelers are best used on food, not fingers.