Are You Driving Chad Helmcamp Crazy?

Chad is experiencing a bit of frustration. He keeps letting out these maniacal laughs and saying OMG to his computer. It has to do with a client. Not a client like you all lovely people, but a client that’s not listening and not reading e-mails and instructions. Now don’t get me wrong; Chad LOVES his clients and would probably pay their mortgages himself if he had the money, but this doesn’t mean some borrowers don’t send him into panic attacks at times. You may be wondering if you are that type of client. I assure you, dear reader, you are not. But in case you are still concerned, here is a nice flowchart to help you determine Chad’s state of mind upon working on your loan.

Have you driven Chad Helmcamp crazy?

If you would like to not drive Chad Helmcamp crazy this week, send him an e-mail at and ask what kind of payment you’d be looking at on a home loan (and any other questions you may have about the mortgage process).