The CEO and Just the Assistant

First of all, NPR copied me. They said on the radio this morning that it’s the best time in history to buy a house because mortgage interest rates are so low. HA! Wonder where you found that information Mr. NPR?

Secondly, I want to give you all an update on my refinance. As a few of you poor souls who read here regularly know (bless your hearts, but thank you), I refinanced my house a few months ago in order to save $200 a month on my mortgage payment. Since then I’ve been putting that $200 right back into my mortgage and applying it to my principal (meaning, the extra money goes straight to the amount I owe the bank, and not to my interest portion, meaning that every month I do this, it lowers the amount of interest they charge me the next month, thus making me a millionaire one day on down the road).

So actually I don’t have a real update on that. I just wanted to let you know I’m doing it, and to let you know how fun it is to go to online mortgage calculators  and punch in the extra principal I’m adding and watch the total amount I’ll pay on this mortgage go down. Then I daydream about the day I pay this sucker off. I’ll be so obnoxious and even post it on Facebook. Christina Edwards Ledbetter just paid off her mortgage! Please like me!

None of the above is even what I have to tell you about today. We’ve got bigger falafel to fry.

You’ll never guess who’s coming to our office Monday morning. Give up?

The CEO of Envoy Mortgage. His name is Rick, and I’ve only seen the guy’s picture. And it’s possible that I saw the back of his head that time I went to corporate.

Here is the one piece of decor our office currently sports. It’s a picture of James receiving some fancy mortgage banker award. CEO Rick is far left. This was at the Circle of Excellence trip last year that I really want to go on next year. Nobody has accused me of being excellent lately, so I’m trying to bribe people pull some strings by begging folks from corporate to let me go next year as a reporter.

CEO Rick and Friends

Back to the CEO. I don’t know why he’s coming, but I know James wants everybody minding their p’s and q’s during his visit. Actually, James hasn’t given us any specific instructions, but I bet he’s wanting us to mind our p’s and q’s. I made sure to tell James I want a proper place to sit with a real chair that day. Sometimes I float around the office sitting on random kitchen chairs and such, but I want a chair with wheels come Monday.

Okay now, get this. James has arranged for me to interview the CEO. Maybe he could tell me a thing or two about mortgages since the ole Bosses’ act like they’re too busy to let me interview them. I shouldn’t even be wasting time writing this blog post. I should be working on my questions. The first thing I’m wondering is how in the world does someone become a CEO? The second thing I’m wondering is what I should pack for the Circle of Excellence trip next year. Ski wear? Swim attire? Mountaineering gear? Help me out, Rick.

Okay folks. Usually I have some stupid reason to sign off, but today I actually do have to come up with some real questions for this guy. If you’ve got anything you’d like me to ask, please comment below. Then I can be like, “Now Rick, Rodney from Houston would like to know…”

So help an assistant out! What should I ask the CEO of Envoy Mortgage?

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  1. Hi Rick this is Mack from Alabama. How did you manage to keep all your hair with the stressful business of the mortage industry facing you every day ?

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