My friend Jonathan sent me a live video link of goldendoodle puppies. I’m serious – 24 hours a day I can click a link and see these fat puppies rolling and biting and sleeping on top of each other. I’ve suckered my pal Ann into the mix and now we e-mail throughout the day alerting each another about any extreme cuteness going on. “The puppies are playing!” “The puppies are sleeping and one of them is dreaming!” “A puppy just pooped!”

No transition out of that. Just had to share how I’ve been spending my time while I’m out of the office.

Now then, I think some Houston realtors are about to start a fan club for my ole Bosses. They’re all in love, I tell you. It’s because James and Chad send them loan status updates. See, when you buy a house, there are two realtors who fret and worry about your mortgage – your own realtor, and the seller’s realtor. Both of these folks want to know you aren’t getting a loan that may fall apart somewhere in the process (see thoughts on Big Box Banks). The reason they fear this is because they’ve had borrowers who’ve gotten loans from Big Box Banks, and as we all know, Big Box Bank loans fall apart.

So in order to ensure their realtors maintain intense feelings of love and adoration towards them at all times, James and Chad send out loan status updates. And I’m tellin’ you, realtors go nuts over these things. Seriously, Chad has five different realtors sending him business right now because they love those updates so much. Well, I mean, they love Chad too, but they really love those updates. It makes their lives so much easier. Have you noticed all the crazy adults jumping in the reflection pool at Hermann Park recently? It’s those realtors! They’ve cancelled all future therapy appointments and started sending their clients to James and Chad.

That’s all on that end. Just had to share the joy.  On to other scoop.  . .

Hayley has outdone herself on my assignment of sending me pictures of the office while I’m out. Seems the team had an ice cream party this week. See, realtors aren’t the only ones who love the ole Bosses. Title people do too! No, I still don’t know what a title agent does. I’ve been working in this industry six years now (including my mortgage assistant stint in college that I must tell you about one day) and seriously, no clue. But I do know that one of them brought ice cream to our office.

I’m sad I wasn’t there for it, and from the looks on their faces, so were James and Chad. Or else James was worried I’d post this to the internet and his juice cleanse partners would know he’s cheating. If you would like your realtor to fall in love with James and Chad and jump in the reflection pool at Hermann Park, fill out a loan application on the right and get to house hunting!

Alright folks, I’ve got some goldendoodles to spy on.