My ole Boss Chad sent me an e-mail at 1:40 AM a few nights ago. . .

OK Christina,

I have a question for you.  Are you familiar with this “Pinterest” fad?   I had some blogger telling me about it a week ago.  Then I read MY E-newsletter and it talks about it. Just thought you might tell me what you know about it.

Have a good night!

I love that Pinterest is in quotes, like it’s this really obscure thing that nobody knows about. “Tell me, have you heard of this ‘Facebook’ thing?

More importantly, what the heck is he doing talking to another blogger! Last I checked, I’m the blogger. But to answer that original question, no,  I don’t know anything about Pinterest. Maybe that’s why he’s talking to other bloggers. He’s got to find a more culturally savvy one than me. Someone who’s with it and knows all about crafts and stuff.

I’ve got to act fast, folks. In order to remain current here, and ensure Chad doesn’t start chatting it up with other bloggers, I’m beefing up my range of topics. Mortgages schmortgages. Behold, my new home design feature, brought to you by our very own Rachelle Helmcamp, loan processor/wife of my ole Boss Chad/office designer/team chef.


I’ll be featuring her works regularly from here on out with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate her genius.

For my first installment, I present to you our office photos before, during and after Rachelle’s decorating.

Our new office before:

drab entryway


trying out the beige/white/no color thing


she’s magic I tell you

Watch TV while you get a mortgage

How did Rachelle manage this? Well, she bought neat looking furniture and decor and ordered Chad to hang it up and shuffle it all around until she was satisfied.

Want to recreate this look in your own home or office? Fill out a loan application on the right, secure a loan with my fab ole Bosses, and after closing Chad will ride home with you and rearrange your pictures and furniture.

Off to pin some mortgages to my “save a boatload of money” board.

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