Purdy Please!

I found a very interesting poster hanging in our break room above James’ seven dirty coffee cups this week.

Please draw your attention to the following line:

I’m so wild! I’m a card! I’m a wildcard!

That’s right, dear readers – I’ve got a chance!

While some people dream of world peace and others would like to climb Everest, my lifelong dream is to attend an Envoy Mortgage Circle of Excellence trip. However, since I myself do not provide home loans, my chances have always been slim, seeing that those invited are the top mortgage bankers in our company (which is why James and Chad go every year, just sayin’). However, I am now aware of a wildcard slot that is chosen by the finest minds at our corporate office.

I’m wild, I tell you! I’m a card! I’m a wildcard! Here’s what I need from you all, my beloved readers. Send flowers, write notes, buy lunches. . .whatever you have to do to get me into the 2013 Circle of Excellence trip! I will report back to you everything I see. If you have any pull in this world, use it to get me on this trip. I love Envoy Mortgage more than some people love their dogs. Besides, you don’t want to have a rewards trip full of just a bunch of overachievers, right? How lame! “Oh, look at me. I provide thousands of honest home loans and save people boatloads of loot. Aren’t I fabulous? Blah blah blah. Boring boring boring. Pass the pocket protectors, please.”

But you put me in that mix? Oh you better watch out.

Exhibit A:

Who would you want at your rewards vacation?

One of these is not like the others.

One final thing I need from a select few of you. It has come to my attention that a few fine folks from our corporate office read my little blog. I’m going to ask you people to do a wee bit of vandalism on my behalf. I’m sure those fancy COE posters are littered about the corporate office, enticing you all to do your best and make your moms proud.

Now, please grab yourself a fat red magic marker, and scribble “Just the Assistant” beside the wildcard nomination line. Next, please forward this blog post to anyone more important than yourself in the company.

Envoy Mortgage, it’s time you put this Just the Assistant to good use:

Purdy Please!