The 30-Year Fixed: Like a Good Toyota

Before we begin, I have a bone to pick with Rachel Zoe. This month in Glamour Magazine she gave some fashion Dos and Don’ts. They were all fine and dandy until she had the audacity to insult me. In her “DON’T get discouraged by a limited budget” Mrs. Zoe told us it’s okay to mix high and low-priced clothes. For her example of high-priced clothes, she used brands I swear I’ve never heard of in my life. And for her example of cheap clothes, she said Anthropologie.

Now listen here a second Rachel Zoe, I realize you make billions of dollars a year instructing celebrities on how to match their “jewels” (your word, not mine. I still say jewelry like the rest of the world.) to their clutches (again, purse would do just fine), but the rest of us make very normal paychecks that afford us the rare pleasure of purchasing one pair of pants a year from our beloved Anthropologie.

Speaking of differently priced items (I’m addressing you dear readers now and not Rachel Zoe any longer, though I suspect she stopped reading a few sentences back), let’s review some loan programs, shall we?

Interested in any of these loan programs or my thoughts on the rest of Rachel Zoe’s fashion advice? Give me and my favorite Bosses a call today!