A Reader Buys a House, and the Boss Takes Over the Blog

As I am meeting with world leaders in my living room next week to discuss plans of Just the Assistant taking over every company on earth, I have decided to allow my ole Boss James Beaver to write next week’s blog posts. After a two-hour long tutorial in which I explained the inner workings of Just the Assistant, I gave further orders instructions:

  • James is to speak of me only in glowingly positive praises.
  • NO flowcharts, for crying out loud
  • NO mortgage market graphs
  • Making fun of anyone other than me is encouraged
  • Pictures you take of yourself sitting in the front seat of your car should be reserved for your Myspace account, not my blog.

So stay tuned next week to see what the ole Boss has to say after being shushed for nearly two years now while I’ve been rambling away about mortgages, my Boss, and how he runs his business.

Now before I go iron my power suit, I’ve a bit of important news to share. Somebody’s been listening to my advice and bought herself a new house! She’s a Just the Assistant fan, she’s gorgeous, she’s savvy, and without her, this blog would not be.

Readers, please give a round of applause for Just the Assistant’s MOM!

JTA’s mom opens the doors to her new house.

My mom’s new slice of America:

My new pad when I go home for Christmas

I think she’s equally excited about her new dinette set. She texted two different pictures of it, and seeing that she, like, gave birth to me and raised me and all that, I think the lady deserves to have her dinette set highlighted on her own daughter’s blog, don’t you?

If you call her, she’ll tell you how she haggled the heck out of some antique store owner for this thing.

Listen, my mom doesn’t buy anything (excluding jewelry and antiques) unless it’s a steal.

Earlier this year on our family vacation, we had to beg her not to spend her day waiting in the customer service line at Wal-Mart returning plastic cups because she was convinced we’d paid too much for them.

Me: Come to the beach with us, Mom. Come on, the cups were only three dollars!

Mom: But we already had plastic cups! That’s three dollars down the drain. [She then made a spewing noise to indicate the three dollars spewing into thin air.]

I finally offered to give her three dollars to come to the beach with us and she let the cup issue go.

Take if from me, readers. When my mom buys a house, you know it’s a good time to buy. Houses are still cheap. Mortgage rates? Stupid cheap. And dinette sets – well, I don’t know about those. You’ll have to consult Mom on that one, along with plastic cup, antique hall tree and bedroom set prices.

To send your notes of congratulations to my mom, fill out a loan application on the right and type “JTA’s Mom” in the referred by section of the app. And stay tuned next week for the Boss’ posts. Will he take this opportunity to empty his iPhone of all the pictures he takes of himself in his Volvo? We’ll see!

Happy Labor Day!


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