I am not Just The Assistant

My dear Readers,

As I am busy this week attending to some Just the Assistant business, my ole Boss James Beaver is taking over this week’s posts. Take it away, James (and remember, I still know all your credit card numbers and will have a grand ole time at Anthropologie should you mention anything unflattering concerning your devoted Just the Assistant).

Sincerely, JTA

Good…now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to it, shall we?

Christina was very concerned about the remote possibility that one of you might mistakenly assume she was the author of this post.  She insisted that I, James Beaver, paste that little blurb in italics at the top so her precious reputation as a witty, grammatically adept and creative blogger would remain intact.  In short, I am insulted.

When Christina first approached Chad and me, in 2010, to ask if she could write a blog about our shenanigans in the mortgage industry, she told us that she wanted to write to a target audience that consisted of people like her girlfriends, who really had no interest in mortgages, but did like shopping and probably needed to know more about buying and/or financing homes.  {Brad, will you confirm for me if that was a run-on sentence down in the comments below, please?}

We’ve gradually convinced her to talk about things unrelated to Cosmopolitan magazine or whatever publication it is she’s always talking about, but nonetheless I was a little frightened when she asked me to write this post.  I mean…I have no idea what to talk to Christina’s friends about.  That’s reason #519 that I wanted to get married to my wife, God bless her.

If you read Just The Assistant on a semi-regular basis, you know that I basically think in flow charts and outlines.  Below, I’ve documented the excruciating process I’ve gone through to come up with a good blog post (for you internet novices, you can click on the images if they’re too small to read and it gets bigger.  I just learned this)…

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  1. Technically, I don’t think it was a run-on, but you could have made it two sentences and the gramatically challenged folks wouldn’t have been quite so confused. On your flow chart: good stuff on Cowboys. You could have stopped there and this would have been a successful entry.

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