Just the Assistant’s Dog

Thanks to my fab boss James for taking over the blog last week. I was busy lounging in a hammock in Zihuatanejo with my main squeeze of ten years, and it was nice knowing I left you all in good hands. Though I wish he had used a bit less flow chart nonsense, I’m nonetheless happy that I’ve made my ole Boss feel valuable.

Now that I’m back in the US, the paparazzi has gone crazy! It started this morning…

My dog and I were on the news. It happened at Memorial Park. This lady with news hair, stretchy pants and a microphone was setting up some complicated dog toys with this man and his less-handsome-than-my-dog dog. The dog toys were in boxes, just like board games. My pal Liz and I walked over to the display area and Liz asked, “Are y’all selling dog toys?” thinking that maybe we’d find a nifty rope or ball for Cowboy to play with. Cowboy bucked and romped at the news dog while the news dog’s handler fought to keep his star under control.

“No, we’re making a clip for Fox News. Can you please stand somewhere else because the dog is getting distracted.”

For the record, Memorial Park is a public park. I checked.

The news clip picks up with Liz, Cowboy and I slumping off away from the Hollywood dog and his Baby Einstein toys. But ah ha! They sure didn’t stop me and Liz and Cowboy from waiving to the camera in the background though! Take that, Hollywood Dog. Click my fancy link below for the video.

Fame: Just the Assistant, Pal Liz, and Dog Cowboy

The handler came over and apologized afterward for making us stand in the corner while his Hollywood dog got all the attention. We accepted his apology and Cowboy gave the Hollywood dog a nice sniff in the crotch.

Due to our newfound fame, Liz and I will be signing autographs at Memorial this Saturday. For a fee, Cowboy will pee on your leg.

Back to office news. While I was drinking margaritas on the Pacific last week, the rest of the staff complained to James and Chad about the lacking coffee cup situation. The Bosses took care of that one quick-like and I returned to find this in our break room cabinets:

We won’t be complaining about anything else for a long time.

In case you’re interested, remember interest rates? Still low. Crazy low. Get out and enjoy this Houston version of fall, and start snooping around in some open houses. But call my Bosses first to find out how much you could qualify for. When they are finished standing in line for my autograph and having Cowboy pee on their dress slacks leg, they’ll set you right up with everything you need.