I TOLD you it’s a good time to buy!

First of all – I wrote half of this post and clicked “save draft” a few mintues ago and the darn thing posted! To my email subscribers, this is the real thing.

Okay, know how I’ve been telling you all it’s a good time to buy a house? Well this girl puts her money where her, er, typing is!

My new slice of ‘merica!

The reason I am standing like a stork is because the mosquitos were biting my legs and I was mid-scratch. This was taken one second after my husband said, “Okay, One, Tw-” and I screamed, “Just take the picture!” because my leg was being chewed off.

We bought a lot in a townhouse community and constructions begins Monday!

If you’ve been reading here for some time, you know that I love looking at houses. It’s a dangerous hobby I tell you, but not so dangerous when it means finding an awesome deal on a home in the area of town in which I’ve always wanted to live! I browse HAR.com even more than Anthropologie’s site. It always gets worse in the fall, when I think, “Moving wouldn’t be too bad. I mean, it’s less than a hundred out?” I’ve even suckered my husband into my addiction, and it was through his own searching that we scored this deal.

The facts:

We’ll get to live across the street from where our new church building will be located (see, even my church knows it’s a good time to buy!), it’s 1.5 miles from Memorial Park, and my husband won’t even have to get on the interstate to go to work.

I also want to say, I don’t get any special deals with my ole Bosses when it comes to mortgages. Actually, James didn’t even come to my last closing and I chewed him out for it. So it’s almost like they treat me worse than other clients. I just think it’s important for you all to know that I’m not buying this house because of any secret arrangements we have.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of the house. Here is a picture of what it’s suppose to look like once complete. Note: the grassy meadow surrounding the home in the picture is a bit of a stretch. We’ll be one foot from our neighbors, and right outside our front door will be the community dog park!  Woop woop! I  mean, Woof Woof! (I know, that was bad.)

To send your congratulations, please fill out a loan application on the right and type “Just the Assistant’s Down Payment Assistance Fund” in the referred by section.

Off to pick out paint colors!